The Nikken Company

Nikken is a world famous Japanese company offering innovative, reliable, high-end products. The brand truly want to help people maintain a healthier life.

Founded in 1975, Nikken company was inspired by Asian culture, many of whose fundamentals are based on reconnecting with nature.

To succeed, Nikken brings well-being in the main aspects of life: sleep, air, water, food.

With over 40 years of experience, Nikken was the first company to develop magnetic technology that benefits our everyday life.

Since creation, Nikken has continuously developed research to offer a whole range of high-end wellness products. Numerous patents have been registered over the years to ensure a remarkable quality.

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Recognized know-how

An experience of more than 40 years

Quality on the agenda

A set of high-end products

Softness and well-being

Patented technologies to get closer to the natural environment

Sylvain - Nikken Partner

From awareness to action

By becoming aware of my way of living, I realized that I was too focused on the mind and the daily life; I was not connected with my body and nature’s environmental energies.

So I did a work on myself for several years (4 to 7 years) to be able to reconnect with myself and create a healthy environment. I discovered life from a different perspective: a more caring perspective.

Sharing the same values as the Nikken company, our partnership came about naturally, and the products I use benefits my body and indirectly my state of mind.

As a result of my positive experience with Nikken and the good feedback I had about the products, I decided to create this site with the name of the vision I now have-ok- on my life.