These are products that contain magnets capable of providing well-being. Nikken being an MLM company, it markets these products throughout France and some European countries.

The main benefits of magnetic products for the body.

It should still be specified that the effects may vary from person to person, no scientific study in our country also proves with certainty the effects of magnetic products. However, this method is used widely in Japan, and many people take inspiration from the culture of Japan to care for their body.

  • Magnetic body products help improve blood circulation, muscle relaxation and recovery.
  • Magnetic body products can be used all over the body: legs, feet, buttocks, thighs, stomach, arms, shoulders, neck, etc.
  • Magnetic body products are very easy to use, you just need to place them on the area where you want to bring well-being.

Magnetic body products are both comfort and beauty products.

How Do Magnetic Body Products Work?

Magnetic body products work with a magnet. The Gaussian magnet is one of the elements used for magnetic products. The magnetic magnet is a natural stone which is capable of producing a magnetic field. This stone is able to create a magnetic field much stronger than the electric magnet. By associating magnets on a product such as the magnetic sole, these strategically placed magnets will create a magnetic field. IN contact with the skin, this field will be able to promote well-being in our body. For the effect to be positive, it is best to take a product that can be kept throughout the day or night.

How to choose magnetic products for the body?

The first step in choosing the right magnetic body product is to find the product that works best for you based on the area you want to apply a magnet to. For this I invite you to look at the Nikken catalog to see the different possibilities:

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