Discover in this short article the concepts of Business to Business and Business to Consumer for the choice of a company.

What is business to consumer (BtoC)?

Business to consumer (B2C) is a term that refers to a service or product that is sold directly to the end consumer. It is an intermediate market between the market proper and the end market.

What is B2B in marketing?

Business to business (B2B, or “business market”) is a market of buyers and sellers online. It groups together businesses that buy and sell products and services to other businesses.

Marketing in your network marketing choice.

Knowing which system you want to go to is important in your choice of network marketing business.
Indeed, depending on your professional experience and your interest in marketing your product, this choice seems to be the first to make before investing in a brand.

There are people who are more comfortable with professionals and others with individuals. By questioning yourself from a greater distance it will help you not to narrow your field of vision and narrow your choice to the most well-known companies. Sometimes you will discover products marketed in MLM that will amaze you.

This is what happened to me when I first got to know the Nikken brand. I didn’t think a brand could market magnetic products in MLM. I tried them on myself and over time I became a consultant for the brand.

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