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mlm business

I present to you the Nikken brand.

Nikken is a Japanese MLM company founded in 1975.
Based on Japanese culture and the desire to provide healing through magnets, Nikken offers many magnetic products.

These magnetic products act on our body to bring us well-being. The use of magnets is not considered a therapeutic use however some people are more sensitive to this and magnets allow them to be more soothed and sometimes even to alleviate some pain.

It is in this desire of Nikken, through the products it offers, to bring good to people while promoting Japanese culture.

I invite you to look at the different products in the menu where you can find, for example, magnetic soles, necklace, bracelets, massage elements, back belt with the possibility of putting magnets etc.

Also in the desire to gain a foothold in the world, Nikken is an MLM company that has also been able to promote the culture and know-how of other countries.
This is the reason why Nikken also offers marine cosmetics from France in Brittany in the Iroise Sea.
The products are of high end quality.

A reliable MLM business

Having started in 1975, Nikken has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of Multi level Marketing (MLM). That is to say, it is an MLM company that has been able to reinvent itself, particularly through digital.

Offering attractive salaries, the company has worked on an online interface to easily manage its sales and its network of consultants.
They even went further by allowing each consultant to have their online store. That is, a direct customer can order their products from their consultant without necessarily making a paper order form. It is more ecological and it saves time for the consultant and the client.
There is more flexibility and more possibilities with digital.

I’m a Nikken consultant, here’s my take on what a good MLM business should be

  • For me, a reliable MLM business should provide support. Both on the professional side and the way to promote the brand as on the personal aspects with training on personal development.
    This is an essential element since network marketing is done precisely on the relationship. Both within the group internally and externally with customers.
    Nikken offers this through online training.
  • Products that meet an immediate need.
    Often times when you want to do MLM with a brand it is because you have been won over by the products used. This will then make it easier to recommend them around us.
    This is why the products must be truly upscale, with why not research carried out with patents filed to provide proof of know-how.
  • Products need to grab attention and be different.
    Today there are MLM companies everywhere, they often offer similar products, and when you choose to invest in one of them you have to be able to differentiate yourself.

    This is what also attracted me to get involved in Nikken, because they offer different products, which by their difference attracts people’s curiosity.

Like any MLM business, Nikken offers a level pay system. With commissions on own sales but also commissions on sales of products from people who are in your network. The remuneration can go up to 6 levels of remuneration which makes it possible to integrate an ambitious program in terms of remuneration.

  • The environment, mutual aid.
    By the company’s desire to convey a vision, it is necessary to create a good environment between the consultants. This way you quickly learn about the company, the products, how to market etc.
    It is rewarding and it allows you to make room for everyone.

So if you are looking for an MLM company that is out of the ordinary, I recommend the Nikken brand which is recognized worldwide and enjoys a good environment.

Are there different types of MLM businesses?

Multi Level Marketing businesses have evolved over the years becoming a source of income for many people.
There are several types of Network Marketing companies, the best known of which are Affiliate Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, MLM companies selling products for B2B (Business to Business) professionals. ) or even B2C (Business to Consumer) direct sales canvassing network Marketing.

MLM product sales to individuals are the best known and easiest to start because they require the least upfront investment. They are very popular because they offer products and a very close customer service, meeting the needs of the consumer.

A good MLM company brings a certain added value thanks to the products it markets. Indeed, the products are generally at the cutting edge of technology and are innovative and have many tools to perform teams in direct marketing.

If you would like more information on the Nikken brand, please contact me.
Yours truly.

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