What are volatile organic compounds ?

It is sometimes difficult to understand volatile organic compounds so I will focus only on the automotive sector. Nevertheless we can find all kinds of contamination in construction, textiles, metallurgy etc.

Volatile organic compound is a gas formed from hydrocarbons during the use of a vehicle. Volatile organic compounds are formed in internal combustion engines by the reaction between hydrocarbons and oxygen. They can be found in the ambient air near motorized axles as well as in dust and fumes emitted by human activities.

The amount of volatile organic compounds in outdoor air can be measured using a specific measuring device, which is more commonly referred to as an exhaust gas detector.

About health

VOCs can cause disease in most organs, but especially the respiratory tract. In addition, their presence in the environment leads to exposure of all living things (plants, animals, humans). The effects are related to exposure and vary from person to person.

The immediate health effects are primarily respiratory (respiratory tract irritation, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, upper respiratory tract infection, etc.).

Chronic effects are related to the presence of volatile organic compounds in the environment. Indeed, they can have an effect as well on the cardiovascular system as on the respiratory and digestive system.

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