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sylvain nikken

Do you want to shop at Nikken and are looking for a Nikken consultant?

Here is the link of my Nikken store below

If you do not know how to place an order with Nikken I invite you to look at the following link: Place an order with your Nikken consultant. Nikken only sells through its consultants.

If you want to know more here are some links:

The commitments of La Vie Douce Now, the satisfaction commitments to our customers.

Delivery information

Information about orders, your order from Nikken, VAT rates etc.

How do I become a Nikken Independent Consultant ?

Why Nikken ?

Nikken has been a wellness company since 1975. With a vision of innovation (research and development work for numerous patents), Nikken has been able to grow all over the world. The products are reliable, meeting the current needs of the search for well-being. Nikken’s desire is to create an environment around the brand, for this the relationship is not based only on the commercial aspect, but on who we are through 5 Fundamental Pillars.

Nikken is one of the world leaders in wellness technologies with exclusive benefits. Nikken’s philosophy; a healthy and balanced lifestyle helping to improve the quality of life of people.

As a consultant with Nikken, you benefit from complete flexibility and unlimited possibilities.

Bring additional income on a part-time basis (in VDD), or develop a new career. Start your own business and generate a steady stream of income. Nikken provides you with the tools, support and advice of experienced professionals.

Nikken having developed support, by accessing the consultant interface on the online site, you will be able to view all your orders live, see your group’s sales, and access the various documents relating to the products.

To see your commissions for the sale of products etc.

Being an Independent Nikken Consultant gives you the opportunity to live the way you want and earn as much as you deserve, while making a difference: helping others!

If you want to see the main elements about Nikken, I invite you to see the FAQ page to understand the legitimacy of Nikken, the products sold etc.

demonstration products

Why now ?

Society is more and more sensitive to the need to find and create a healthy balance. That’s why now has never been a better time to become a Nikken Independent Consultant.

People are increasingly aware of the increase in preventable diseases and are looking for ways to restore a healthy balance in their lives that will prevent them from these diseases and thus reduce their risk.

Why direct selling ?

Direct Selling is a business model that is in perfect harmony with our philosophy. We do not depend on any conventional marketing plan or form of advertising to get our message across. We rely on the personal experiences of those who have tested our philosophy, our message and our opportunity.

Nikken Consultants and Customers live and practice the principles of healthy living and set good examples for those around them. Sharing experiences makes it easier for Customers to make decisions and creates a desire in others to experience the incredible benefits that the Nikken business and lifestyle has to offer.


Embracing Nikken’s vision of improving lives brings fantastic rewards. By doing MLM with Nikken it gives you incredible business opportunities and a compensation plan that will help you create the life you want! There are different sources of remuneration:

1.Retail sales profits
2.Personal committees
3.Commissions on the personal group
4.Leadership Bonus

  1. Be part of a team and share your experience and knowledge
  2. Nikken Incentive Program with Travel Benefits
  3. Online training program and event when you are a Nikken consultant

With Nikken, you take control of your life, be your own boss, and secure your financial independence by helping others become more!

How do I register as a Nikken Consultant ?

It’s easy to register as a Nikken Consultant. Simply choose your Consultant (sponsor), contact him or send him an email. He will explain how to get started with Nikken. Easy !

1.Contact your Nikken Independent Consultant.
2.It will tell you how to register
3.You will then receive your approval, and can begin

Consultant for the Nikken brand, you can contact me at the following coordinates:

Contact Sylvain

Phone: 06 42 68 29 87

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