The need of the consumer is one of the most important factors for a business in a marketing strategy.
Today, consumers have become much more sophisticated, and they have varying and different demands on products. A product that meets the needs of our time is necessary for a business that wants to endure.

Marketing is the science of planning, creating, reproducing and distributing goods and services through economic exchange. When businesses reach out to consumers, finding customer needs and satisfaction is their top priority.

Therefore, the consumer’s need is the image of the life of the enterprise. In the way of apprehending the consumer and the market, the company develops its positioning to manage to differentiate itself from its competitors. This positioning evolves throughout the life of the company. A traditional company of yesteryear, now wanting to develop, will certainly go through digital technology, offering it a national, international vision. The needs of consumers will be understood differently, leading to restructuring within the company. These restructurings will bring new skills.

The foundations of marketing start from the needs of consumers, whether in BtoB or BtoC. Marketing cannot be separated from the needs of consumers.

Consumer needs and competitiveness

Rapid changes in technology, the development of means of communication and globalization have had an influence on the needs of consumers. As consumer needs have diversified, skills have become more sophisticated.
In the evolution of marketing, we are today in the age of DATA. New systems are appearing to collect information. The phenomena of social networks help to carry out this sourcing, allowing subsequently to adapt its vision of the offer and produce more targeted advertising to the consumer. But there are many others, computer systems developed in-house, making it possible to collect information using artificial intelligence. DATA remains the priority of many companies today, the more information is collected, the more the company concerned is able to respond precisely to the needs. Differentiation is played out over the long term and above all on the small details that make the difference.

To survive in the competitive world, you have to be competitive in the market and create value. The skills of companies adapt according to technological developments and above all to the way in which information spreads through consumers in order to target needs and consumption patterns as quickly as possible.
You have to be ultra responsive in a rapidly changing market.

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