marketing direct


marketing direct

Direct marketing is a collection of multiple techniques used by businesses to market their products and services.

Direct marketing is a communication technique that allows companies to reach a targeted audience, consisting in communicating directly with its customers by sending prospectuses, letters, television ads and other media.

Direct marketing is characterized by:

  • Its target audience (prospects),
  • His mode of communication (mail, television, internet),
  • Its target audience (prospects),
    His mode of communication (mail, television, internet),
    The objective pursued (sell, retain, prospect, collect information).

There are many direct marketing techniques. Here are a few :

Multi Level Marketing

Advertising by mail.

Television advertising.


The postal mailing.

Video prospecting.

Phone prospecting.

Internet prospecting.

Prospecting by email.

The distribution

Being more and more solicited; customers have a form of rejection to traditional advertising. Apart from large groups that have large advertising budgets, other companies struggle to get their message across to consumers. The consumer pays less attention and is more difficult to capture.
The role of marketing in our new digital age is today to be able to inform them before they make their purchases in order to capture their attention. This is called inbound marketing.

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