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Body balance and body well-being remain a daily concern for everyone. Thus the body in its proper functioning needs several fundamental elements each ensuring a specific role for its proper functioning including, among other things, iron.

Indeed, iron is essential for the synthesis of ATP, the source of body energy and its presence in myoglobin allows muscles to store oxygen. Iron plays an essential role for the proper functioning of the immune system. Also, it participates in the development and maintenance of cognitive faculty such as memory and others. It also considerably reduces fatigue.

While there are some foods that help iron absorption, there are also some that prevent iron absorption.

What are the ingredients that can slow down the absorption of iron

Several foods, through their composition, decrease or prevent the absorption of iron in the body.

complicate absorption

As food, we have :

  • teas: thanks to their tannin compositions, they prevent iron binding and therefore reduce the absorption of non-heme iron by up to 70%. After drinking the tea, the tannins inhibit the absorption of iron for an average of 35 minutes.
  • egg yolk: due to its yolk-yolk composition, exerts an increased inhibitory effect on the absorption of heme iron by the simultaneous presence of insoluble ferric phosphate and calcium in the meal.
    soybeans, collard greens, beans: these foods appear to block the absorption of iron by their phytate and oxalate compositions.
  • egg: through its composition mainly in albumin, this food can inhibit the absorption of iron. Indeed, if we increase the amount of egg albumin in a meal, the iron absorption rate drops while if we reduce the amount of this protein, the iron absorption rate increases considerably. .
  • soybeans: it has been shown by some authors (Cook et al., 1981a) that the protein in this food can have an inhibitory effect on iron absorption.
  • Whole grains

So to avoid iron deficiency, what can be done quickly to recharge daily ?

How can we recharge our batteries quickly ?

It is important to prevent rather than cure with food, given the unfortunate consequences of iron deficiency. Here are some very simple and practical tips for everyone to quickly recharge your iron:

complicate absorption
  • in the composition of your menus that there is protein ;
  • eat low-fiber dried fruits ;
  • consume beer or wine with modesty ;
  • for your salads, add spirulina ;
  • complete your menus with vegetables ;
  • take tea and coffee two hours before or after a meal ;
  • reason your cocoa consumption ;
  • consume citrus fruits with every meal ;
  • Get in the habit of drinking ferruginous mineral waters ;
  • Eat the black pudding.

    In light of all that is said, it is important to remember that iron is essential for human well-being through its multiple biological functions in the body. It is therefore important to control our diet so that it is a balance between the body’s need for iron and the amount supplied to it.

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