Use mineral stones to energize my water? What an idea ! Think again, there are many ways to experience the benefits of mineral stones. Infusing them in your water to energize it or by using a water fountain, magnetizing it and increasing the pH of the water is a new way to receive their vibration which is sure to seduce you! This is called gem water.

Find out what mineral stones are and how they are used to create gem water

Les pierres minérales sont créées à partir de la roche. En plus de leur qualité esthétique et de leur dureté, elles sont aussi connues depuis toujours par les pouvoirs qu’elles possèdent. Leur utilisation pour soigner le corps et l’esprit se répand de plus en plus. Chaque pierre minérale dispose de ses propres vertus, bien les choisir est important en fonction du bénéfice recherché.

Create your gem water to energize the water

Gem water is the water in which you have placed your natural or mineral stones. In contact with the crystal (s), water takes on energy, it is magnetized and energized. This obtained gem water, you can drink it continuously throughout the day. This allows you to stay in touch with your stones without needing to bring them with you.
Indeed, if you want to combine the virtues of several mineral stones, infusing them in water is a practical alternative. Create your own recipes and sources of well-being.

What mineral stones can I use to energize my water ?

All mineral stones can be used to energize your water. However, it is better to favor tumbled stones, rough stones may lose micro pieces. If you insist on infusing your raw stones, place them in a closed compress to avoid the presence of small pieces.

The Nikken brand uses mineral stones in their Pimag Waterfall filtration system. The stones are placed on the lower part to energize the filtered water.

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Enjoy the benefits of energizing, magnetizing and higher PH water

The infusion of crystals provides essential minerals to the body and mind, but also your gem water takes charge of the vibrations of the stones. You thus benefit from their virtues and their benefits which you need throughout the day for:

  • better hydration
  • better sleep
  • better vitality
  • a strengthened immune system
  • faster feeling of fullness
  • improved endurance and recovery

To know more :

  • Gravity filtration
    No need for electric current, gravity filtration system is different from other water filtration systems that one can usually see.
  • Activated carbon
    Using activated charcoal within a filter itself can be really effective in purifying water.
  • Ion exchange resin
    The main role of the ion exchange resin is to soften the water and make it less “hard”.
  • Mineral stones to energize the water
    Putting magnetic stones in your water will bring you as close as possible to natural water.
  • Silica sand
    Through the silica sand, water is “pumped” and passes through different layers of sand. Through this step the water is separated from the various residues that may remain.
  • Why it is important to control the water