Wanting to filter water by gravity using a water cooler is a good thing, but more important is why filtering water, far from being a whim, is a necessary habit. In fact, the water supplied by the tap may contain excess lime substances or even have a taste similar to that of bleach. These various elements are unfit for the body or give tap water a strange taste. Not filtering tap water can be even more dangerous if you have kidney problems like kidney stones. Taking the time to filter the water by gravity can also be of great benefit to the plants in your home, the organisms living in your aquarium, or simply for culinary use. On the other hand, filtering tap water may be a necessity when you live in an area with a high rate of water contamination or because of an industrial phenomenon. Filtering water by gravity is a good and healthy habit to take and pass on around us regardless of where the water is coming from.

Filter water by gravity, the best filtration method

Filtering water by gravity is a particularly interesting solution compared to other modes of water filtration. There are filter jugs capable of filtering mainly chlorine molecules as well as the limestone present in the water. However, this technique differs from that of filtering water by gravity because by filtering the water, the latter is in constant contact with the plastic components of the filter jug ​​device as well as those of the famous cartridges. In addition, filter jugs do not retain all unwanted residues.

Another solution that differs from gravity water filtration is that of distillation. This is possible with the help of a good distiller. This device is excellent for filtering water, however it even eliminates the good minerals contained in liquid water. So you can see that unlike other types of filtration, this one is only suitable if you have a sufficient mineral intake and do not rely on filtered water, unfortunately stripped of its minerals.

It is for all these reasons that filtering water by gravity is now the best possible option. We have several ways of doing this. One of the most efficient and popular processes remains Nikken gravity filtration which, in addition to filtration, produces ionized water.

Filtering water by gravity: how does it work?

Gravity filtration works very precisely. To do this, various systems exist and allow good filtration of the water. Among these devices, some are designed for home use within the family. These systems are highly cost effective and remarkably efficient. To filter water by gravity by these means, you do not need any electric current. They can be dispensed with for their operation. In addition, these gravity filtration systems do not make noise, which is not the case with stills. Descriptively, these devices consist of a pair of tanks. The so-called upper tank is the one that receives water that has not yet been filtered like tap water.

On the other hand, the so-called lower tank will be the receptacle for water filtered by gravity. The gravity system relies on the flow of water which thus allows filtration. These devices for filtering water by gravity are likely to be used with a multiplicity of filters intended for the elimination of substances undesirable to the body. The Nikken system with the Pimag Waterfall home filtering water fountain has the capacity to filter by gravity in a few minutes a volume of approximately 5 L.

The special feature of the water cooler is that it has a filter with several built-in filtration devices.

The efficiency of gravity filtration

It is interesting to filter water by gravity because of its remarkable performance. The designers of gravity filtration devices estimate that their equipment eliminates harmful chemicals up to 99.999%! These results are proven by conclusive tests.

Here are just a few of the countless things their chemical filtration systems retain:
drug waste (ketoprofen, ibuprofen, etc.)
• petroleum pollutants
• microorganisms (parasites, viruses, bacteria, cysts, etc.)
• disinfectant molecules
• metal residues, etc .;

Most importantly, filtering the water by gravity allows you to spare all the minerals that are beneficial to your body, unlike still systems.

Tips for filtering water by gravity

Above all, being careful to keep everything clean is a must when cleaning your gravity water filtration system. Keep hands, water-receiving devices, and scrubbing pad free from dirt well before handling. Make sure you clean these different things well. For more cleanliness of your gravity filter, you can wear disposable gloves.

If you are cleaning your device outside your premises, take a large basin full of duly filtered water in which you clean your equipment. Immerse the components of your gravity filtration system in this water and rub them sufficiently to remove any messy or hole-blocking residue. After maintenance, please dry your filters, preferably in a dry place. Remember to rinse your upper bowl frequently to remove the stagnant water.

Here is ! You know all the virtues of gravity filtration! Make it to consume your water safely. Remember, take care of the proper maintenance of all your gravity filtration devices!