Oxygen is transported in the blood of the human body with the help of red blood cells. When oxygen enters the blood of the human body through the lungs, it is carried to the cells of the human body by the red blood cells and then is used for the needs of the body.

How is the oxygen transported by the red cells ?

Red blood cells are small molecules called red blood cells. Red blood cells are found in the blood of the human body. They carry oxygen around the human body.

How is oxygen obtained ?

Oxygen is obtained through photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Plants are obtained from the air by the sun. When plants absorb the sun’s rays, they produce oxygen.

What crises can affect your life ?

Oxygen is very important in human life. It is present everywhere. However, if there is a drop in the amount of oxygen in the air, there can be serious complications. This is the case when people are low on oxygen and live in areas where the air is too low in oxygen. In addition, oxygen can be responsible for other crises such as hypoxia, anoxia and desaturation.

What is hypoxia ?

Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen. This can be localized (for example, in tissue) or generalized when there is a decrease in the concentration of gases in the air.
When the oxygen concentration in the air drops (usually 20%), it is called hypoxia.

What is anoxia ?

Anoxia is the lack of oxygen in the body. It is encountered, for example, when diving into a swimming pool without having been previously immersed in it. Why? Because water is an excellent conductor of electricity that forms in the body in the form of electrons. In particular, it is electricity that allows human cells to breathe. The electrons then move more easily than oxygen and will be used to make glucose, the sugar that feeds humans.

What is desaturation ?

Desaturation is a disorder that occurs when the blood in the human body is not sufficiently oxygenated.

Oxygen desaturation occurs when the level of oxygen in the blood is lower than normal. One of the possible causes may be, for example, inhalation of a poisonous gas.

Oxygen is necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. A lack of oxygen can be responsible for serious problems.

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