Here is the procedure for cleaning the Pimag Waterfall filter, it is very simple :

1 / Prepare water with white vinegar in a container
2 / Remove the upper part of the filter (plastic) then remove the sponge.
3 / Place the filter in water without completely submerging it (see photo below).
You must leave at least 1cm to 2cm open air at the top.
That way the air will be able to rise.

4 / As the water rises from the bottom, you will see that the water level will go down, for this from a moment add water to your container to always stay 1 cm / 2cm from the edge superior.
5 / Let the cleaning take place for 24 hours
6 / Then replace your sponge and the plastic on the filter and install it in the Pimag Waterfall.

To see how to position the filter seal, don’t hesitate to watch the video:

The cleaning is now complete.

The water stops flowing after cleaning, what should I do ?

“I cleaned the filter of my personal filter fountain and the water no longer flows from the upper container to the lower part where there are stones. “

This problem can happen when the filter has not been cleaned properly.

This problem occurs when during cleaning you have completely immersed your filter in water.
By submerging the filter completely, water enters below and above and air remains trapped in the middle.
This is why the water no longer passes through after cleaning.

To do this, I advise you to redo the filter cleaning with the different steps while respecting step 3, avoiding completely submerging the filter.

If in any case the filter still has a little trouble (this is very rare), take the back of a spoon and lightly press the sponge above the filter.
This manipulation is to be done when it is installed in the fountain and the water is filled in the upper part. You will see air escaping, this will then unblock the filter.

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