To register as a Nikken consultant you need to be sponsored by a consultant already validated by the Nikken brand.

For this I invite you to access my shop on the link below:

If you would like to learn more about Nikken here are some useful links:

The history of Nikken and its philosophy

Business opportunities

Incentive programs

Trainings and events


Delivery information

How to place an order

Order Information

I also invite you to take a look at this link for my commitments to Nikken and to Nikken customers.

Nikken consultant registration

Once you have accessed my Nikken store, click at the top to accept cookies. Then when you arrive on the Nikken site, check that my name is on the top left, it is only possible to register through a consultant (sponsor).

Then choose your country at the top right (see photo).
Look at the arrows in red that I put on the photos.

Then click on opportunities in the menu, and go to the bottom that the button “Register as a consultant”.

Then you arrive on select your country. So choose France, Belgium or Switzerland depending on your location.
Press next and confirm the “initial order”.

Once you have validated step 2 in the “initial order” you then arrive on the personal information.

In this step, fill in the personal information fields.

Important element !!
Look at the arrow in the image above. There’s the name of the website. By default Nikken assigns an online store for each consultant. This is actually the url that you will set for your Nikken store. So be careful not to put anything.

For example me on this field I marked:

S my first name and Rudelle my last name
People who wish to buy products online through my store can therefore do so through this url.

For your store you must therefore choose the ending after the slash /
you therefore fill in this field: … fill in your name or something else instead of the 3 dots.

If in any case you have any difficulties here please do not hesitate to contact me.

Then once you have completed this step all you have to do is follow the path to validate your registration.

Of course if you do not know Nikken and would like more information, I invite you to contact me by phone so that I can explain to you what Nikken is and its vision of well-being and the documents concerning the opportunities for ‘case.

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