Iron is a major constituent of our body: it ensures the transport of oxygen in the blood allowing the proper oxygenation of our organs. It plays an important role in the proper functioning of the nervous and immune system.

However, the lack of this essential trace element leads to anemia which has an impact on the proper functioning of your body. Natural solutions exist to avoid it, discover a list of foods rich in iron.

Foods rich in iron for a healthy body

We never say it enough, but eating a healthy, balanced and regular diet helps prevent anemia. Increasing or balancing the amount of iron is possible by carefully selecting your foods.

  • Seafood: clam and mussel
    These crustaceans contain a good amount of heme iron (iron of animal origin which is best absorbed by the body). If you love seafood and are lucky enough to have it fresh, then definitely don’t go without. Accompanied with cumin, curry, thyme, it’s even better, because these spices are also significant sources of iron.
  • Fall for a piece of dark chocolate
    Here is a good excuse to nibble a little piece of chocolate! It is quite true that dark chocolate is provided with non-heme iron *. Chewable, or as a cake, it is good to be able to have fun while ensuring the proper functioning of your body.
    assimilated to 5% by the body and found mainly in legumes, whole grains and spices.
  • Sesame seeds: small but full of benefits
    Sesame seeds go perfectly with both sweet and savory dishes. They are an extra supply of the iron you need. Indeed, this small food contains non-heme iron. To satisfy all cooks, you can find sesame in different forms: oils, mash and seeds.
  • Meats and offal are also rich in iron
    Among them, lamb kidney, poultry liver, pork kidney, beef, game and the king of all: blood sausage, are all sources of heme iron. Both poultry and beef are sources of vitamins B9 and B12 which help the body ensure the synthesis of hemoglobin and therefore the production of red blood cells.
  • Eat fish too
    Depending on the type of fish you want to eat, the level of iron present may vary. You can place raw anchovy, sardines and sea bass in your menus for their high iron content. They are also very good for the functioning of the retina, brain and nervous system with the presence of omega 3.
foods rich in iron
  • Dates, figs, apricots, almonds: dried fruits are part of the game
    Perfect to fill the hunger pangs during the day, or in your sweet and savory dishes, dried fruits are rich in iron. They are therefore your allies on a daily basis to guarantee your health, maintain your figure and provide you with energy.
  • Soy is also playing in the big leagues
    This meat alternative is rich in protein and iron. To be enjoyed in the form of tofu, soybean sprouts, milk, liquid cream or seitan, vegetarian or not, soy remains precious for your health.
  • Legumes: white and red beans, split peas and lentils
    Rich in iron and fiber, adding legumes to your menus is a plus. These plant proteins are also perfect to replace your animal protein intake. They all have health benefits and are easy to cook.

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