Iron rich fruits


Iron rich fruits

Iron in the body is an essential element, and its contribution can only be made through the foods that we consume on a daily basis. We will discover through this article the fruits rich in iron so useful for our organism. It is also possible to add a supplement such as Lactoferrin.

Did you know that our bodies need iron to effectively fight anemia and to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a great source of energy for the body? This energy is involved in several fundamental body processes aimed at normalizing the development and differentiation of cells in our body. Did you also know that it makes from the constituents of myoglobin, which transport oxygen reserves to the muscles, contributes to the synthesis of catalase and also fights free radicals in our body?

Fruits containing iron

Fruits rich in iron most often contain a small amount, but very useful for the body. As iron is a trace element, its supply is mainly provided by the food we consume. In the row of these foods that we consume daily, we have the fruits. Knowing which fruits contain iron would be a great asset, in order to provide support to the body when needed.

We could list among others these different fruits containing iron: nutmeg, Chinese cabbage, sugar cane, avocado, grape, blackcurrant, passion fruit, pecan nut, wheat, blackberry, almonds, beans, cashews, fig, pistachio, olive, tamarind, rice, coconut, macadamia nut, cassava, date, watermelon , okra, durian, chilli, ginger, cocoa, hazelnuts, patisson, sweet potato, chestnut and kumquat …

The list is not exhaustive, there are other fruits that contain iron, but we limit ourselves to this list. Consuming these fruits provides the body with the iron it needs to effectively fight against possible iron deficiency.

The role of vitamin C in the absorption of iron by the body

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps the body fight accumulated heavy metals such as lead and mercury. It also slows down cell senescence and helps strengthen the immune system. In addition to this, for iron to be properly assimilated in the body, you need a supply of fruits containing iron and vitamin C; this vitamin allows the iron in fruit to be absorbed in greater amounts. Foods containing vitamin C are plentiful. Among others, we can cite: lemon zest; peppers ; chocolate cereals; the strawberry ; red cabbage; apricot nectar; orange; spinach; grapefruit ; parsley; red fruits; The kiwi ; papaya, cooked Brussels sprouts; watercress; the Orange juice ; chervil; the stuffed green olive; sweetbread, blackcurrant and lychee. Here are some products in which vitamin C is present in variable but not negligible proportions.

Lack of iron in the body leads to lack of blood and at the same time reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscle by myoglobin; which can be a source of dysfunction of the body. Provide your body with a balanced diet of nutrients, especially iron for the well-being of your cells.
Do not eat foods that prevent iron absorption.