The neodymium magnet is a magnet with very high efficiency, one of its strengths being its ability to promote general well-being.
Indeed, to soothe pain, the use of a neodymium magnet is very beneficial.

How a neodymium magnet works in the context of well-being

The neodymium magnet is to be applied to the skin with a strong magnetic field. First, at the area of application, weak induced electric currents are formed in the vessels under the skin. The goal is to send a signal to the brain to detect the pain and produce endorphin to send it back to the painful area.

The magnet is used to restore the magnetic field to improve blood circulation, or soothe the painful area.

The use of neodymium magnets

Is it dangerous?

The neodymium magnet does not cause a toxic reaction to health.

Is it possible to have many magnets on you?

Yes it is possible and does not present any risk. For example, you can use neodymium magnet headphones, wear a magnetic bracelet and a magnetic neck collar at the same time without any problem.

What effect does it have if I have a prosthesis, plates or screws …?

Don’t worry about it. Due to the non-magnetic nature of prostheses, screws and plates, the magnet will only relieve your pain and nothing more.

How long do magnets keep?

In principle, neodymium magnets have an almost unlimited lifespan. Its potency decreases by 1% every decade.