Nikken magnets

Advanced Nikken magnets products

Nikken magnets products has been developed in various forms, with the goal of producing an environment that clearly matches the natural magnetic field that had surrounded humans for millennia.

Field Gradient Technology

Some Nikken products, such as the KenkoDream® duvet, use bipolar magnets individually or in groups of multiple magnets.

The individual bipolar magnets are precisely spaced. This alignment produces a current of magnetic flux (lines of force) between the magnets, that creates an uninterrupted field gradient.


DynaFlux® Magnetic Products

DynaFlux Magnetic products positions magnetic surfaces with the same polar orientation, either negative or positive, in direct opposition in several places. A nested construction tightly holds these elements in place to overcome the phenomenon of natural repulsion. Placing opposing magnetic fields results in a multiplying effect, which increases magnetic strength and depth of field.


Static magnets compared with electromagnetic technology

One special thing that all Nikken magnets products and technologies have in common is the use of static magnets.

A static or permanent magnet is a solid material that has intrinsic magnetism. Therefore, a static magnet maintains its magnetism permanently unlike an electromagnet that depends on electric current to produce a magnetic field.



Magnetic energy is part of our natural environment. The magnetic field of our planet is also recognized as a protective barrier against dangerous radiation from space.

Magnetic equalisation technology is a principle based on the fact that human contact with the Earth’s magnetic field has been disturbed and attenuated by objects made by modern civilization. This technology seeks to counteract this effect by creating an environment that clearly matches the natural magnetic field that has surrounded humans for millennia.