pollution by metals

Metal pollution

pollution by metals

Manganese is a non-ferrous metal that is extracted from ores. It is a pollutant from the manufacture of steel and the production of electricity.

Lead is also used in the manufacture of batteries, brake fluids, paints and pigments.

Pollution by metals can vary widely. The source of metal pollution can be industry, sewage, aerial spraying, pesticides, fertilizers, sewage treatment, food, oil, etc.

They are found in the water of rivers, seas or lakes, and in the oceans. In food, the air we breathe, the dust we breathe and the products of our daily activities.

What are the metals we meet the most ?

The metals most often found in urine fluids, hair and blood are mercury, lead, chromium, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, etc.

Where does metal pollution end up in the human body?

Most metals are found in blood, hair and nails.

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