The quality of the water you put in your body can promote harmony and balance of all your energies, so that you can stay healthy for as long as possible.

In this article, we will not only talk about the source of water filtration, but much more than that, we will talk to you about energizing your drinking water by mineral stones, magnetizing your water, in order to develop positive vibrations.

Why energize your water with mineral stones?

It is no longer important to remember here that water is an essential and indispensable substance for life, as it is the main constituent of the planet, at more than 72%. The human body too is made of about 80% water, and the quality of the water that you bring to it must be very monitored, because it is this which mainly constitutes the cells and all the organs, and participates actively. to their proper functioning.

Water energized by mineral stones will reduce fatigue, fight digestive disorders and constipation and many others, and above all will rebalance all the fundamental energies of the body, and a body that is connected to high frequencies is able to heal many ailments.

How to energize and magnetize your water?

The water that circulates in rivers is naturally magnetized by the earth, which is why it is advisable to prefer natural and pure water. Because tap water undergoes different chemical treatments and is often attacked, it is sometimes caused to lose its natural earthly magnetism and record bad energies that can pollute your body if not treated first.

Several techniques exist to energize your water. The greatest thinkers of this world know how to magnetize and energize water just by the power of their positive energies. But what interests us here is the fact of energizing your water by mineral stones.

This is the reason why Nikken has developed a water filtration system – Pimag Waterfall – incorporating mineral stones to magnetize the water after filtration. The stones are positioned on the lower part to energize the water. These mineral stones are charged with positive vibrations

And to conclude

The one and most beautiful gift you have in this life is undoubtedly your body. So always try to take care of it, and give it all the elements necessary for its development. Thank your body in the best way, not only by giving it purified, energized and magnetized water, but also by nurturing it with positive thoughts and feelings that develop an overall harmony of all of your energies. If you practice Yoga for example, you are sure to feel the effects of this energized water in your body, and you will feel in perfect synchronization with the universal energies.

Spring water magnetized and energized by mineral stones is well structured and charged with positive vibrations, and will bring you many benefits, including its highly optimized hydrating capacity. Because it is endowed with a continuous magnetic field, you will see a change in your complexion with a more beautiful skin, a healthier intestinal transit, healthier cells can easily ensure their function and ensure you an iron health, by reducing the risk of cancer and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease for example, or obesity and many others. For a detoxification cure, magnetized water is very suitable, and it can even be useful in making you lose weight because its diuretic and draining properties are increased.

So enjoy the benefits of magnetized water for your health, physical and mental!

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