motivation program


motivation program

Nikken Consultants Benefits Program

As part of Nikken’s business opportunities, if you want to become a Nikken consultant you will be able to gain access to even more incredible perks, rewards and benefits.

Being a part of Nikken means that you will be part of the Nikken World and a network of people willing to succeed and share Nikken and its products with others. In addition to having one of the best compensation plans around, you will also have the chance to enjoy many other benefits that are available to you when you become a Nikken Consultant.

Reward for your efforts can be a fantastic stay in an exotic location, including one or more convention days and time for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Take for example this year’s 2021 trips that will be scheduled to Hawaii. The chances of winning a stay in these places are very great; the game is worth the candle.

Here are the different steps:

motivation program

This Nikken incentive program is a compensation in addition to the basic one planned.
When you hit a threshold, you come to a stage rewarding you.

Depending on the requirements, the program evolves up to the 6th stage.

Each of these incentive programs is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand, and accessible business training process.
The goal is to evolve in a common way throughout the Nikken adventure.

The first step concerns the motivation program with the objective of rewarding new registrants, then the others concern objectives achieved on a quarterly basis.

These Nikken Incentive Programs aim to create a pattern that will cascade progress: the very principle of MLM.

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