HOW TO BUILD A TEAM IN Multi Level Marketing ?


Multi Level Marketing is a profession that allows you to generate regular income by selling products and services.
But how do you build a team in an MLM business?

It is not that easy to succeed in building a team in Network Marketing if you do not have a lot of experience in the business.
For this, the first person you need to work with is your “sponsor”. This is the person who gave you the opportunity to sign up as a consultant for an MLM brand. Pick someone who has experience in both MLM team building and branding product knowledge so that you can gain the knowledge you need and quickly gain credibility with clients and future consultants alike.

This will allow you to move step by step while being supported by someone with experience in the field while keeping a visual on customer satisfaction.

Remember, this is a service business. So you need to make sure that your customers are satisfied with the product or service you have sold to them. Otherwise, you will never get away with it.

To build the MLM network that will bring you satisfactory results, I recommend having a minimum of two or three people active at the start. This is the minimum so that you can build a team while having recurring sales every month.
To familiarize yourself with your brand from the start, there’s nothing stopping you from starting out on your own and making your personal sales. And then with more confidence to subsequently develop your MLM network.

Some MLM companies are pushing for consultants to grow their network quickly, however with the Nikken brand this is not the case. Nikken wants to create a holy and enabling environment for all of us.

Create your identity and share your personal story

In your own way, you have to create a lifestyle around the brand. You have to appropriate it on a daily basis and embody it. By truly embodying it, you will be able to talk about it freely around you. This is why the brand must absolutely present high-end products. Indispensable for direct sales, whose products are often argued on the spot or in groups with potential customers.
There should be no ambiguity about the quality and perceived benefits of the product.

To recruit people, talk about it, reassure people by showing them that the brand is reliable, that it is not a Ponzi scheme. That the brand network system and the salaries are fair.

The best way to start is to talk about it through your social media.

This must be done naturally while creating envy around you, creating this desire to embark on an adventure that can enrich both personally and professionally.

When you start to have your first members in your own network, the best way to build your MLM network is to be there for them when they have questions, to give it time when they need help.

So you need to think about making sure that you are doing what you can to meet their needs. You must respond to them as soon as possible.

You have to be there for them. You have to be available to them. You have to be a winner for them.

Then try to be dynamic in conveying information about the company. Communicate current offers, upcoming offers, contests and prizes to be won, etc.

The goal is to motivate its network to create a common dynamic and alchemy.

In conclusion, to be successful in your multi-level marketing project, you must develop your own way of communicating about yourself and the brand. A way that is authentic to you and that allows you to project yourself into what you convey. And build a good relationship of trust with the consultants of your own network as of course for the clients of the brand for which you are affiliated.

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