the notion of mlm


the notion of mlm

Multi Level Marketing is one way of doing business with rules. The rules are the same as for a traditional business. The difference with MLM is that the network of all members can be very large and tapping into each other’s connections can be very useful and beneficial. The larger the network of an MLM business, the greater the leverage in product marketing may be.

Network marketing is about building a community.

To be a successful network, it must be a network of networks. That is, to have your own network of consultants in your team, and that these consultants themselves form their own network of consultants.

A network of networks is a network of skills.

A network of skills is a network of synergies.

A network of synergies is a network of partners.

A network of partners cannot be built overnight, it takes time, patience, rigor and knowledge of each member of the community.

The network of networks is the community.

With a community, we can do a lot of things, we can take the time to manage things, we can take the time to share, we can take the time to trust each other, we can take the time to learn, we may take the time to train.

A network of networks must be a community of different personalities taking into account each person’s qualities.
Everyone can find something for them.

The MLM network brings together home sales consultants with experience and sometimes not. The priority of course being the interest of the products and the brand chosen to convey a positive experience around you. This enthusiasm will then make it possible to draw attention to yourself, to create interest, inviting people around you to join you in the adventure.
This network bringing together different personalities will create a dynamic and a common learning which will be beneficial for all.

In summary, we must keep in mind that MLM is a human and collective adventure and that the network has everything to bring us personally and professionally.

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