The philosophy of nikken


The philosophy of nikken

Nikken history

Nikken is a fusion of two Japanese words:

• Nihon – Japan
• Kenko – Health

Nikken’s story began in 1975, Isamu Masuda created a product inspired by the uneven floor surface of traditional Japanese thermal baths, designed to stimulate the soles of the feet. With the aim of helping people suffering from tired and sore feet, as well as heavy legs, the KenkoInsoles® were born.

In 1989, Nikken opened its first offices in the United States. Tom Watanabe, who initially joined Nikken as Director of Training, later became President and CEO of Nikken. Nikken’s concept of Absolute Well-being then spread across the United States, then to Canada and Mexico. Mr. Watanabe already sees that Nikken and its growing product line can make a difference in lives – Nikken USA then begins operations.

The 90’s
Mr. Watanabe becomes President and CEO; the concept of Well-being spread to the whole of the United States, then to Canada and Mexico.

Nikken launches operations in Europe from its headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK, which Anthony Chaplin joins to establish operations in Europe. The company started out on a small scale but very quickly crossed national borders. By the end of the 90s, Nikken was already expanding into Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, France and Ireland.

As Nikken grows, new products expand its range. This decade also saw the completion of construction of its international headquarters designed exclusively for Nikken in the newly developed Irvine Spectrum region of South Carolina.

Today Nikken is one of the most prestigious direct selling companies. We offer a unique line of wellness products, designed by specialist research teams, and have millions of satisfied customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Nikken History and Philosophy

At Nikken, we believe in a good world to live in, a better and healthier world. We believe we can make changes in the way we live our lives, and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of Absolute Well-being. We believe that we can become better people, by going above and beyond our expectations and reaching our full potential. We believe that we can become more, not only as individuals, but collectively as well, as members of families, communities or nations.

We have founded our philosophy of absolute well-being around the 5 pillars of well-being

• A healthy body

• A healthy mind

• A healthy family

• A healthy society

• Healthy finances

These fundamental principles are at the heart of Nikken’s history, they are essential to who we are and what we stand for. They are the reason we exist, to share, promote and encourage a healthier lifestyle and inspire you to become more.

You will see that our range of products and services, as well as the business opportunity, are all based on the 5 Pillars and promote a balanced and healthier life. Living and putting into practice our philosophy has allowed us to go from success to success. We are one of the largest wellness organizations in the world. This is proof that our mission, purpose and goals are achievable and that our products and services are of high quality. Our success speaks for itself.

Having a better quality of life is at the heart of Nikken’s philosophy. Nikken was founded around this philosophy with products that represent and enhance it. It is a philosophy understood and embodied by everyone at the heart of Nikken.

People all over the world adhere to the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing and Nikken Philosophy, allowing them to experience a whole new approach to life by using our innovative products. We not only offer products that improve wellness and everyday life, but also an easy-to-follow and easy-to-achieve business opportunity for people to change their lives.

Affiliations and memberships

Nikken strongly believes in the quality and benefits of the products and services it offers. So that you can share our trust, we continually seek the support of independent and industry-approved associations and organizations.

World Association for Water Quality
The PiMag® Waterfall Fountain has received the Gold Label from the World Water Quality Association (WQA).

Ecocert Greenlife
Ecocert is a certification body for the sustainable development of “ecological and organic cosmetics”.
Ecocert Greenlife has certified our line of True Elements ™ organic marine cosmetics as ecological and organic cosmetics.
For more information on Ecocert Greenlife, visit their site.

Soil Association
The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body. It ensures that certified products meet rigorous organic standards.
CiagaV® has been certified organic by the Soil Association certification program.
For more information on the Soil Association, visit their site.

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