Nikken being innovation driven, the MLM company has developed an online interface for all consultants so that they can manage their business directly online.

In fact, each consultant is given an online store on the site. That is, each customer can purchase Nikken products directly over the internet from their consultant. This is a huge time saver.

When you log into the online interface, you have several menus, each of which has their functionality.

  • The communication tab which allows you to learn about the latest brand news, information and product developments
  • The events tab: which keeps him informed of the events in preparation. Whether face-to-face events or online events. Conference of key people in the company, personal development conference etc.
  • Commercial tools: a tab that will allow you to find all the most important documents to learn more about Nikken products and how to sell them.
  • Register: here you can easily register a new consultant.
  • My business: The most important tab to track your activity. Here all the information is listed to allow you a good management of the customers and your network of consultants. You can see everything, the orders, the products ordered, the volume points that it earns you as a consultant and much more …
  • Order management: everything related to order and delivery management with the Wellness subscription.

My opinion on the interface and the digital vision of Nikken:

Personally, I didn’t want to burden myself with purchase orders that I had to send out regularly to validate my orders. So that really interested me. My customers buy directly from my Nikken online store and it’s easier that way, everything happens automatically.

Not to mention that everything is going quickly today, that the sales process must be simplified as much as possible. So I navigate between this interface and my mailbox to ensure my role of consultant for the brand as much as possible.

For me in an MLM, a well detailed interface is a real plus.
The management is more simplified, it improves my performance and avoids headaches.

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