Inner Peace

If there is real inner peace, then the path that leads to it must be accessible to all. Otherwise, how could there be peace between men if there was not between individuals?

This inner peace is accessible to all. But we must give ourselves the means to find it.

It is not through violence that one can live in peace. Violence is always the result of suffering and not of peace.

By seeking inner peace, one puts things in order, one obtains a healthy mind. And things in order, it’s serenity. Serenity means accepting your place in the world, your place in society, your place in the family, your place in life.

Who is responsible for my happiness?

Anybody. I am responsible for my happiness.

What makes me happy?

Everything that allows me to evolve, to realize my dreams, to meet people, to travel, to have fun, to share things.

I have the right to be happy.
I have the right to have plans.
I have the right to dream and to dream big.

Do whatever is necessary to calm mood disorders.
I don’t have the right to think only of myself.
I don’t have the right to go into a spiral of depression without coming out.
I don’t have the right to deny my happiness.
I don’t have the right not to give myself the means to be able to achieve my dreams.
I don’t have the right not to take the time to find myself.
I don’t have the right not to decide what makes me happy.

Be at peace with yourself:

It’s about being aware of the things that make us feel good, knowing what hurts us, and making sure that doesn’t happen again. Feeling inner peace is the greatest reward.

Being at peace with others: knowing how to recognize the qualities of others and appreciate the differences. Learning to accept others in their difference is already a first success.

Being at peace with nature: ecology is an essential dimension of peace. Knowing how to appreciate it, respect it and nurture it is to be at peace with nature.

Be kind: do not judge others, do not seek to indulge in selfishness, hatred, jealousy. To be entirely in kindness, gentleness, generosity, kindness.

To be at peace with the world is to have an awareness of the wholeness of life, of the nature of life, and to be in awe of it.

For that, you have to learn to be good with yourself, good with others, good with nature, good with the world.

We must learn to be at peace.

This is what I wish you today, and forever.

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