What are pathogenic agents in water ?

Pathogens are microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, yeasts) that can cause disease in humans when ingested or inhaled.

A microorganism is an organism that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
What is a virus? A virus is a small amount of protein and nucleic acids that is spread by air or by contact.

Why should you protect against microorganisms ?

Most microorganisms can be transmitted and be harmful to humans. Pathogens can cause infection or poisoning by entering the human body through the oral, respiratory, or skin routes.

Why does the water need to be filtered ?

Most of the mineral water that goes into industry is filtered and treated to remove any natural pollutants that may be present. The natural mineral waters which supply the taps of most of the most modern houses are also filtered and treated. However, these treatment and filtering processes can reduce the benefits of the water.

In addition, many natural water sources are not sufficiently protected for water to become a healthy and efficient element. Water sources can be contaminated with natural pollutants, metals, such as dirt, bacteria.

As mineral pollutants can remain in drinking water, it may be best to filter them out before using them.

How help is filtration of water ?

A home water filter can filter out dirt and bacteria. The most sophisticated water filters can filter out heavy metals.

How should i use the water detector?

For best results, it is best to filter the water through a filter device or water detector.

Water detectors can be used to filter the water when you go to drink, but they are not designed to be used for prolonged use.
Water detectors can also be used to identify water in bottles and cans. Water detectors can be used to check the water in petroleum gas cylinders, mineral waters, mineral waters, and spring water.

Water filters are better everyday use.

These filters have activated carbon which is one of the most natural ways to obtain filtered water today.
From ceramic beads, to modify the pH of the water, silica sand can also be used to filter the elements of the water.

Some water filter systems filter out the most harmful elements that may remain in drinking water such as mineral.
Find below the different elements filtered by the Nikken brand water fountain

Home filters today are powerful enough to provide optimum water quality. And the advantage is that some solutions exist with a gravity system. This is the case with the Nikken brand with its Pimag Waterfall fountain.

The gravity system filters the water without the need for electricity. There is a tank system. You fill the upper tank with the water you want to filter, and then collect it in the lower tank. Between the two reservoirs is the filter. The weight of the water exerts pressure to come down and pass through the filter.
Filtration is carried out automatically, without the need for systematic monitoring.

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