Although it must be recognized that there are natural pesticides, most of the pesticides that we find on the market today are chemicals produced in the laboratory, and absolutely essential for good agriculture, as their use produces sufficient yields. satisfactory. A state cannot survive without good agricultural production, which is why most governments advocate and encourage the daily use of pesticides for agricultural work, small or large scale, but this use is not freer today and is regulated by law, because it is indeed a business of professionals.

In the majority of cases, the purpose of the use of these pesticides is to target and destroy certain parasites harmful to plants, but only manufacturers often tend to neglect the impact of these products on other organisms and plants that are sometimes useful for the whole ecosystem.
Studies have shown that there is a real risk of exposure to cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer from water pollution by pesticides.

In this article, we will talk about the use of pesticides in France today, and show to what extent the use of pesticides is certainly not to be neglected for a good agriculture, while perfectly controlling the dangers associated with this. practical, in order to make the most of intensive and responsible agriculture.

What is the state of the use of pesticides ?

Since the mid-2000s, strategic plans (notably the Ecophyto 2018 plan set up in 2008 for a 10-year evaluation) have been set up in France and throughout Europe to reduce the use of pesticides at least by half, by advocating the techniques of reasoned and non-intensive agriculture, and the adoption of routes with low inputs of pesticides per crop.

Despite all these strategic plans put in place, especially for the protection of populations, we see many years later that intensive agriculture is still taking over, and that the reduction in the use of pesticides was perhaps not the ideal solution to fight against pollution of water and soil by pesticides, as it must be recognized that the needs for agricultural products are becoming increasingly high for humans and animals.

Where are we with pesticides ?

Despite the declining rate of pesticide use, the problem of its increase is still present. Agriculture is the bedrock of development of any serious country, and any large-scale agriculture cannot survive without the use of pesticides and other inputs in a controlled manner to boost production. But in France in particular, there has been a decline in the agricultural production of certain materials in recent years, and yet the population is growing more and more.

Perhaps it is public awareness and massive government communication about the use of pesticides that is growing at its largely declining rate, but one thing is certain, if pesticides are used in a controlled and regulated manner by professionals, the risk of pollution and contamination will be considerably reduced.

The risk of the presence of pesticides in drinking water

Many governments support the use of pesticides because their effects on agriculture are proven today. But it is not without danger. You are well aware that pesticides are chemicals potentially dangerous for the health of humans and animals, and their infiltration into drinking water poses a real problem that urgently needs to be addressed very quickly.

For many generations, with scientific development and technological advancement, water pollution has been a central issue for all these governments, as some households are contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals, as a result of the activity of the agro-food industries with more and more intensive agriculture, which is the main factor responsible for the pollution of drinking water by pesticides.

In order to protect populations, certain pesticides such as for example glyphosate, those containing DDT molecules and others, are now prohibited for home gardeners since 2019 in France by law, and there is now even a tax for it. use of pesticides. The use of pesticides remains an asset for agriculture, but only the major dangers it presents requires that this use be made by specialists.

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