Since the mother of life is the earth, the protection of nature and the preservation of biodiversity are necessary conditions for the survival of humanity. The use of pesticides is a major problem for life.

Pesticides are chemicals used to kill or control insects, fungi and weeds. They are also used in crops and livestock to protect plants and animals from diseases, pests and parasites.

They have been used for years, and they have become an essential component of agricultural production. Due to the need to produce more and more food, more and more pesticides are being produced and used.

In addition, they are very present in nature and can cause serious and irreversible damage to flora and fauna.

Pesticides are distributed all over the world, and they affect all animal and plant species, as well as humans.

What is the origin of pesticides ?

Here is where we find them in the 2 most common elements.

Pesticides in water

Pesticides can be found in water as residues. They are also found in the earth thanks to rainwater.

Pesticides in foods

Pesticides can build up in plants, especially seeds, and end up in the foods we eat, such as fruits and vegetables.

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