Nikken only sells through its consultants, when you access my store you will be able to make the purchases you want.

Before making your purchases, I therefore invite you to go to my Nikken store (link below)

Short summary of the important elements for placing an order with your Nikken consultant

  1. As stated above, to place an order with Nikken it is necessary to go through a Nikken consultant. The Nikken consultant is there to help you with your purchase, so do not hesitate to contact when you need information. Whether by phone or email.
  1. When you are on my online store, check that my name is displayed at the top left of your screen (‘remember to accept cookies first).

Then it is essential to select your country at the top right of the Nikken site for the products to be delivered in France to your address.

These are the 2 important steps to take, from there you will be able to shop at Nikken.

3. Regarding navigation, this remains in the usual standard encountered in all online sites.
To view the selected products, click on the cart icon in the top right corner of the page.
To change the quantity, click on the pencil icon next to the item.
To delete the article, click on the cross.
Click on “Continue shopping” to return to the last product viewed.
Once all the items have been selected, click on “Validate my basket” and accept the General Conditions to continue.
The delivery details are then displayed. If you need to change the delivery address or any other information, return to the registration page and make the necessary changes.

4. The stock of the selected items is checked. We only accept payment for items that are in stock and ready for delivery. Out-of-stock items must be ordered again later, so click ‘Update’ to update the cart and purchase the available items.
However, a full refund is made in the event of possible unavailability of the product after placing the order.

5. Order
Click on ‘Confirm Order’ to proceed to the payment screen.

On the payment screen enter your bank details then click on “SUBMIT or validate (just below the bank details)”. Very important otherwise it does not work to go to the next step

Once the payment details have been entered, click on ‘submit order’ to pay for your items.

A printable order confirmation will then be displayed on the screen. We will email you a confirmation of your order and transaction. However, we recommend that you print a copy of the on-screen confirmation and keep the order number in case you have any questions.

You can also view all your orders and their status in “My account”, “View my orders” section.

We will email you as soon as your order ships. The email will include a reference and link to the carrier’s website for you to track the progress of your order. Please allow at least 24 hours after receiving the email before tracking your order. This period is devoted to the execution and dispatch of the order by the carrier.

If you have any problems, for your convenience I have made a PDF of how to order.
The payment steps are exactly the same for all products and for all categories.
There is nothing complicated, just follow it step by step.

If you have any problem making a payment in my Nikken store, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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