plantar reflexology


plantar reflexology

Have you ever heard of foot reflexology? Did you know that the organs of our body are reflected in the foot as if it were a map? Foot reflexology takes this idea of ​​the body’s reflection on the feet and uses it to generate multiple benefits. Do you have any idea of ​​the benefits of foot reflexology? In this article, we explain what foot reflexology is and what this technique is used for.

General concept of reflexology and fundamental principles

Reflexology is a method in which the body is balanced by stimulating or relaxing the various reflex points of the foot. It is a specific massage technique that is applied in certain areas which, according to this science, correspond to the organs of the body.
Stimulation of the reflex points of the foot by massage promotes “self-healing” of the body and the relief of certain ailments. This method ensures that the body enjoys the best possible conditions, both mental and physical, with the aim of preventing certain symptoms and making the most of the body’s healing resources.

The basic principle of reflexology is that the foot represents a schematic image of the body as a whole and its respective organs, while considering that the feet are a source of information to know the state of health of the patient. The foot represents an image of each of the body’s organs, so by massaging a specific area you can influence a target organ.

Differences between foot reflexology and foot massage

Although in a foot massage we can feel the same as in the principle of plantar reflexology, in reflexotherapy the areas will be worked to promote a response in the corresponding organs. On the other hand, when performing a foot massage, they manipulate muscles and other soft tissues to improve relaxation.

Plantar reflex zones

Foot reflexology divides the body into 10 vertical zones and 4 horizontal zones. These areas are also found in the feet, dividing them longitudinally-transversely, into which body parts and organs can be placed based on their actual location, thus creating a map of the body in the feet.

What are the corresponding points of the foot?

Almost all areas of the body have a corresponding reflexology point on the foot. Applying pressure to one area of ​​the foot can affect the function of the corresponding organ. The right foot corresponds to the organs on the right side of the body and the left foot to the organs on the left side of the body. Not all professions agree on the exact location of reflex points, but there is general agreement when it comes to main points.

Foot reflexology is not based on scientific evidence, so more research is needed to prove the facts, but the scientific literature indicates that there are links between internal organs and certain points of the skin.

Here are some points of foot reflexology, with the reflex zones and their corresponding parts of the body:

• The fingertips reflect the head.
• The heart and chest are located in the lower part of the forefoot.
• The liver, pancreas and kidneys are located on the bridge of the foot.
• The lower back and intestines are reflected in the heel.
According to reflexologists, pressure on the reflex points also helps balance the nervous system and stimulate the release of endorphins which help reduce pain and stress.

Benefits of foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a very ancient method, which we know from ancient texts and illustrations that the Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese and Indians already worked on the foot to ensure good health. By stimulating certain areas of the foot, effects can be achieved in different organs or areas of the body.

Some of the general benefits that we can get with foot reflexology are:

• The feet are an area that we forget and abuse frequently, so massages provide relaxation in the area.
• Stress relief. Massage helps to release tension, to release contractures and anxieties generated by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
• There is an activation of blood circulation in the body.
• With the activation of circulation, the immune system is activated.
• The opening of the neuronal and circulatory pathways makes the mechanisms of elimination of cells and elimination of toxins more efficient.
• The body, by getting rid of toxins, can find a balance.

Plantar reflexology through the use of magnetic insoles

The Japanese company Nikken was inspired by all these ancient methods through magnetic soles to provide well-being.

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Nikken has been manufacturing wellness products since 1975.

By wearing them throughout the day, the magnetic insoles stimulate the reflexology points of your feet and the magnets will provide a magnetic field which will stimulate the release of endorphins.

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