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The Kenko MagDuo from the brand NIKKEN is a compact and portable massage device. Composed of two rotating spheres with unique DynaFlux® massage nodules housed in a protective case.

Based on traditional Far East experience and principles of kneading therapy, Nikken Magnetic Acupressure Balls relax areas of the hand and feet.



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– To reduce stress by focusing on the ball massaging your hand (or foot) and that benefits from magnetic technology
– To reduce anxiety: the hand and feet have many nerve endings, massage is highly effective to activate our state of anxiety.


The ease of use of the magnetic acupressure ball:

As you only need a magnetic acupressure ball, you have no restrictions to use them at work, at home, before a stressful event.
Thanks to the transport support, by removing the upper part you can benefit from a double application. Thanks to the possibility of rotation of the spheres in the transport box. Very useful for large massage areas.


A non-aggressive relief texture for your skin.
Kenko Magduo spiked acupressure balls deeply massage the tissues, which in addition to the massage virtues can be used for other purposes (sport, fitness, pilates, rehabilitation).



Each magnetised object produces a flow of energy between its two poles, positive and negative. Invisible lines of energy, called flow lines, emerge from a magnet at its negative pole and re-enter through the positive pole. It is this journey that creates the magnetic field. A simple magnet checked with sensors that reveal a magnetic force
Every Nikken magnetic product uses static (permanent) magnets, for added safety and reliability.

The Kenko MagDuo consists of two pivoting spheres featuring unique DynaFlux ® massage nodules, housed in a protective portable case. Nikken discovered that the more complex the fiel is, the more powerful it is. The Nikken MagDuo is probably the most powerful and fastest of Nikken’s magnetic devices designed to help relax muscle tension, relieve discomfort and stress. The spheres can also be removed from the crate and used alone or together for targeted relief.



More information about Kenko MagDuo


  Kenko MagDuo® – Fact Sheet


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