JADE GREENZYMES® Barley Grass – (JAR 150G)


Made from the juice of freshly harvested organic barley grass seedlings, Nikken brand Jade GreenZymes is an excellent source of natural nutrients.

Dense nutritive and appreciated for its anti-ageing and energising elements, Jade GreenZymes contains 95% organic green barley shoots!
Organic maltodextrin makes up the remaining 5%, which is used to prevent oxidation, thus maintaining the fresh and natural taste of Jade GreenZymes.



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Barley grass is harvested young when the nutrients are at their peak and then cold-pressed to preserve them. Only the juice of the grass is used as it contains most of the nutrients. The juice is then spray dried, the resulting powder retains all the benefits of the plant.

95 % organic barley grass seedlings
The result of more than 40 years of scientific research
A foodstuff with high nutritional value
Certified kosher and vegetarian formula
USDA Organic, certified by QAI
Gluten free
Regulation of the natural pH

How did Nikken achieve 95% barley grass in Jade GreenZyme?

We have removed the pearl barley extract, kombu powder and guar gum so that we can increase the amount of barley grass. As a result, we no longer needed as much maltodextrin which served as a granulating agent for these ingredients. We also switched from corn maltodextrin to tapioca maltodextrin, which reacts differently and requires less of it. These small adjustments allowed us to increase the barley grass content to 95%.

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It is believed that barley grass was already used by the Egyptians, Romans and Vikings for its health benefits. The virtues of green barley have long been recognized by scientists and, the result of more than 40 years of research, Jade GreenZymes perfectly combines science and the benefits of nature. To produce this organic version of Jade GreenZymes, the young green barley shoots are harvested when nutrients are at their peak. These nutrients are concentrated and spray dried using patented and award winning techniques. Only the juice of the grass is used because it is easily absorbed by the body and contains most of the nutrients.

The result is a highly nutritious food with a great taste that the whole family can enjoy at all times. Mix it with cold water or your favorite cold drink. For a change, and for added nutritional value, try it with Ciaga®, or sprinkle it on a salad.

Presentation of Jade Greenzymes

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Add a teaspoon (3g) to 100ml – 150ml of water or juice and drink immediately. Consume up to 3 times a day before meals. Do not add to hot drinks.

Food supplement based on barley grass powder (150 g jar)


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