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For night sleep but also for naps, the Kenko PowerSleep magnetic eye mask will help you avoid the light around you while providing the benefit of the patented magnetic technology (magnets integrated in the night mask). High-end product using healthy materials, the magnetic eye mask benefits from a comfortable and soft cut that is durable over time.



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The advantages of the NIKKEN magnetic eye mask.

  • High-end quality materials
  • Very soft
  • Eliminates light distractions
  • Patented magnetic technology: the magnets placed in the night mask emit a magnetic field improving the quality of sleep – Attenuation of headaches
  • Magnetism improves blood circulation.


Magnetic technology:

Very popular in Asia, this technology contributes to the general well-being of everyone, Nikken has decided to adapt it to everyday products to improve our well-being.
In addition to the softness of the night mask, the magnetic force soothes tensions on the face, favouring blood circulation.
The magnets operate in a area extended by alternating arrangement. They are strategically positioned with the poles of the N and S magnets alternating to create the magnetic force.
Since magnetism is part of the natural environment, and our body is made up of energies, magnetic products such as Kenko power sleep help to rebalance us.

The quality of a magnetic product is evaluated based on its Gaussian rate.
Each magnet of the sleep mask gives off 800 to 1000 Gauss ensuring a significant magnetic field for a high-end product



The benefits of magnets:

Magnets are placed in the collar reproducing a magnetic field close to our natural environment.
The way of life of our civilization having changed, and moving us away from the energies that revitalize us, this magnetic technology allows us to refocus and relax.

With these beneficial effects, the magnets will relax areas of the body and improve blood circulation.
It is a therapeutic method used for many decades in Asia for therapeutic means which the brand Nikken has decided to use in all aspects of our daily life in order to enhance our well-being.


Neodymium magnets:

Neodymium magnets are known to be super magnets. With a great magnetism, they are among the most powerful permanent magnets in the world. Using advanced Nikken technology, magnets have been placed all over the collar allowing full length coverage.
The magnetic eye mask therefore creates a magnetic field greater than what can be seen on the market. Like all Nikken magnetic products, the Power brand only uses static magnets, which do not generate unwanted energy discharged by the electromagnets.


NIKKEN Magnetic Night Mask Demonstration


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