Kenko Mstrides® Insoles – Men’s Size: 6.5 – 11.5 / 40 – 46.5


Releasing a magnetic field, Msteps magnetic soles will allow you to deeply stimulate your feet in order to keep them relaxed in optimal comfort. Very useful when you walk a lot during the day or want to improve blood circulation.

Magnetic soles cause positive effects similar to reflexology. It is recognized that certain areas of the foot eare linked to parts of the body. The soles structure all these energy points.

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The ferrite magnets of Kenko Msteps magnetic insoles have a magnetic force field that provides well-being to the body. When applied to the skin, the neodymium magnet produces low currents that are induced below it ( below the skin). These currents send a signal to the brain so that it can release endorphin which can alleviate the painful areas concerned.

The distribution of the magnetic field of NIKKEN insoles

The Nikken force being the distribution of the magnets in the magnetic insoles, this ensures a fair distribution of energy over the entire surface of the foot.

This magnetic technology called DynaFlux® is patented by the brand Nikken, the magnets placement in polar opposition intensifies the magnetic field. As you walk, these components shift position to produce a dynamic energy field – and the multiple angles provide 100% magnetic coverage. The mSteps surface produces the refreshing sensation of a foot massage. Comfortable and strong, mSteps will not absorb moisture or odors.

Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology: Featuring energizing massage knots and patented Dynaflux technology, these magnetic insoles produce energy providing 100% magnetic coverage
Ferrite magnets
Shock resistant
Durable longevity: due to the quantity of materials and patented technology, Nikken offers a reliable and durable product over time.
Flexible and light soles for full freedom of movement

The Kenko Msteps magnetic insoles have no bumps for a better comfort in daily use.

The difference of Kenko Mstrides magnetic soles

Nikken know-how:

MSteps magnetic insoles are the result of an innovation and an evolution dating from 1975. Nikken is a Japanese company which introduced the first magnetic insoles in Japan whose surface was inspired by the pebbles found under the feet in the Japanese public baths. The Japanese are far ahead of the attention paid to magnets and the use of magnets for wellness.

Due to the technologies used and the knowledge accumulated, Nikken magnetic insoles are sold all over the world.

The patented Dynaflux technology in detail:

DynaFlux places the individual magnets in polar opposition (positive or negative poles facing each other) at several points
The magnetic field is intensified, producing a flux path that extends further from the surface
DynaFlux is the only technology using permanent magnets that can accomplish this, without requiring an increase in gauss force.
Multiple angles provide 100% magnetic coverage
DynaFlux allows each magnet a precisely controlled degree of movement


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The effects of Kenko Mstrides magnetic insoles

In everyday life, the legs are a very stressed part, and this is why in some people, the ability to move is becoming more and more absent.

When the legs become more and more numb, and they start to numb, because the blood circulation is not functioning normally, the use of magnetic insoles helps to restore all of this.

Magnetic insoles promote good circulation in the blood vessels and provide high recovery capacity in a person with leg pain. Therefore, the use of magnetic insoles is highly recommended for the elderly with irregular blood circulation. But also, for people working all day long while standing, and having a high risk of heavy leg sensations.

Kenko Mstrides magnetic insoles demonstration video

Technical characteristic:

WARNING: If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy, or anyone with a health problem should first consult a physician before using magnetic products. When cutting insoles to fit, trim carefully and remove sharp edges or projections. If discomfort or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your medical professional.

GAUSS STRENGTH: 800-1000 gauss

HOW TO USE: Trim to fit if necessary. Insert into shoes.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Surface clean with a damp cloth moistened with a mild detergent or hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry.


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