Magnetic Duvet Nikken Kenkodream ® 160 X 210 cm


High-end quality, and finished with an elegant satin weave, the Kenko Dream magnetic duvet offers the perfect compromise between optimal comfort and magnetic technology that rejuvenates our body.

Specialist of healthy products, Nikken has developed a patented technology to combine sleep with a well-being method. The Kenko Dream magnetic duvet, thanks to its system of magnets placed inside the duvet, diffuses a magnetic field that is beneficial to our body.
All of the energies in the duvet develop a magnetic field enveloping your body in an area full of energy.


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The Nikken Kenkodream Magnetic duvet will bring you:

  • Better quality of sleep: exceptional temperature regulation thanks to Far Infrared
  • Increases the feeling of well-being by releasing Negative Ions
  • Inner and outer lining of the magnetic duvet in breathable natural fibers
  • Made with natural non-allergenic materials and produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • The magnet system, through its magnetic field will promote general well-being
  • Magnetism improves blood circulation


A magnetic comfort duvet

For the perfect balance, the Nikken Kenko Dream Magnetic Duvet is made from Chitocotton. A layer complementing the cotton effect (with reflective ceramic fibers) helping to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your night.


Features of the Nikken Kenko dream duvet

– Ceramic reflective fibers help regulate temperatures to keep you warm: designed for all-season use.
– Breathable outer cover provides ventilation and releases extra heat for comfort.
– Chicotton fibers containing chitosan are woven to help the fibers maintain cleanliness

– Used with the Kenko Naturest mattress topper, you can benefit from the magnetic cocoon, beneficial for our body.

Nikken has more than 20 years of wellness experience, delivering advanced technology to serve our comfort.



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