A patented technology offered by the worldwide brand Nikken with a portable massage box and magnetic technology.
Massages are effective treatments for muscle pain and inflammation. A good massage can have positive results, even on people in excellent health. The active surface improves relaxation and relief through movable nodules that produce a firm yet light sensation.



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Benefits of the NIKKEN KenkoTouch massage tool

  • Patented DynaFlux® magnetic technology (US patent n ° 9,265,966)
  • Reciprocating solenoid massage technology
  • Automatic shutdown at 80 ° C
  • 10 minutes per session
  • Three speed settings possible with automatic shutdown after 10 minutes.
  • 20 to 30 massages before recharging the battery
  • Easy-to-adjust strap for optimal optimization
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • USB connector




The patented Dynaflux magnetic technology of the KenkoTouch massage tool will increase the magnetic surface area to open up this relaxing effect. Advanced technology with quality magnets, guaranteeing a large magnetic field with greater penetration producing an additional beneficial effect, especially for oxygenation.







Nikken reliability
Nikken has been bringing top-quality products and technologies for over 40 years, with a clear and innovative vision to promote relaxation through mobile modules.
The Nikken KenkoTouch massage tool will benefit you before and after training to relax during rest sessions.




KenKo Touch massage tool demonstration video


Technical characteristic

MAGNETIC STRENGTH: 1600 gauss (resting)

ELECTRICAL POWER: 3.7 volt DC battery, rechargeable

Recharging cable with USB interface


Ferrite magnets, ceramic-reflective fibers, steel, light-emitting diodes, polyethylene, medical-grade silicone.



Turn the unit on and select desired speed. Apply unit to the desired area of the body (knees, wrist, neck, back, etc). The unit has a 10-minute automatic timer. Once it has shut off automatically, let cool for 10 minutes before restarting. Recommended usage is no more than six times a day. Do not use while charging the unit. Unplug when charge is complete.




Keep away from moisture. Surface clean with soft cloth.



Statutory warranty applies.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.


Learn more about the KenkoTouch: the information




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