NIKKEN PiMag Sport ® Water filter bottle


The Pimag sport water filter bottle from Nikken purifies and softens water with a filter that significantly reduces toxic pathogens from running water.
Sport, work or travel, now you can get delicious PiMag® water from any drinking water source, wherever you are.



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• Economical and ecological alternative to bottled water
• Advanced filtration for healthier, better tasting water – Exceeds ANSI / NSF or EPA standards
• PiMag ® technology adjusts the pH to obtain alkaline water
• Safe, reusable, biodegradable, BPA free bottle
• Replaceable filters
• Around 250 refills possible


Softness for your body with the Nikken filter bottle

With the patented Nikken filter system, you purify your water and reduce pathogens and micro-plastics. In our modern environment where our tap water mostly is acid, the filter counterbalances this acidity by removing the toxic effects of free radicals in order to obtain healthier alkaline water.

Technical explanation of the different components of the PiMag Sport filter bottle


The Nikken Pimag Sport water filter bottle significantly reduces *:

Chlorine: – 94%
Iron: – 77%
Copper: – 97%
Lead: – 77%
Nickel: – 81%
Ammonium: – 54%
PH increase (alkaline water)
Are superior to filtration standards: Taste and odor reduction, particle filtration (clarity, sediment), Volatile organic compound (VOC)

Laboratory test result


 The two filters of the Pimag sport filter bottle for more ecology

An ecological and economical filter bottle:

Rather than taking plastic bottles, the Pimag Sport filter bottle of Nikken is an eco-friendly choice. With our reusable bottles you limit your plastic consumption and the pollution caused by them.
Because each refillable filter enables around 250 refills, the cost of refilling is therefore only about half the price per liter of a purchased water bottle. This also allows you to save money.
Bio-treated LDPE plastic bottle from patented Biogreen materials that contain EcoPure, an additive that allows it to be completely disintegrated into biomass that nourishes the soil and biogas for energy use.



Practice for sport: Demonstration of the use of the PiMag filter bottle

With a simple and efficient design, the Nikken filter bottle has a folding spout that can be replaced if necessary (all parts are available in our shop). The spout is practical, hygienic (possibility of avoiding touching the mouth with the long spout). It has a loop that can be attached to a hook, belt, backpack or lanyard.





Technical characteristics:

CAPACITY: 621 ml

FILTER LIFE: up to 250 refills per filter; approximately 152 liters or 3 months of daily use.

EFFICIENT MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: 4 neodymium magnets (over 4600 gauss) placed in the bottle allowing water to be disintegrated. This improves the bioavailability of the cellular structure of the human body, as the smaller groups of water molecules are easier to absorb.


Remove the cap and fill the bottle with water to the line. Then replace the cap, lift the spout and drink by squeezing the bottle. Read the instructions before first use.


SPARE PARTS: the spout and the filter are available in our shop.

Les composants de la bouteille filtrante



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