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The Pimag Waterfall drinking water fountain will allow you to filter chlorine, limestone as well as micropollutants (pesticides). Drastically reducing taste and odor, the Nikken brand fountain has the advantage of using a double-acting system that guarantees optimum performance for a high-end product.



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Despite the city’s efforts to filter the water, residues remain in your drinking water.
Sometimes even when you pour tap water into a glass, you can see some of this residue floating in the water.

By using a personal drinking water fountain,
You get purer water by filtering all the deposits that persist, to keep your body healthy.

The filtration of the drinking water fountain Pimag Waterfall

D’après des tests réalisés en laboratoire, la fontaine à eau filtrante pour particulier PiMag Waterfall montre les diminutions suivantes* :
Chlore : - 90 %
Arsenic : - 68 %
Cadmium : - 87 %
Chrome : - 90 %
Plomb : - 91 %
Cuivre : - 87 %
Nickel : - 83 %
Aluminium : - 95 %
Fer : - 73 %
Mercure : - 96 %

Nikken also performed tests on 91 contaminants and the results are also very convincing.
You can find all the details in the product presentation at the bottom of this page.

Quality on the agenda

The Nikken Pimag fountain was designed to last.
Many of our customers have a 5 to 10 year old Nikken fountain that is still working very well.
The plastic of the bins is thick, the elements are well nested without moving. The tap is solid, of very good firm. The Nikken fountain has an excellent base, placed on an element, nothing moves.
By taking care of your Pimag Waterfall, you will be able to keep it for a long time.


Nikken is a Japanese company that has been engaged in wellness for more than 40 years. This Pimag Waterfall model has been refined and improved by Nikken’s know-how and the filtration technologies used are patented.

The results of the filtration are based on laboratory studies (which you can find in the official Nikken documents at the bottom of the page).
This guarantees outstanding product quality for its customers while displaying true filtration results.

• Patented Technology of the Brand Nikken
• Natural filtration thanks to gravity, no need for electricity
• Minerals help regulate pH to create alkaline water
• Certified and increased filtration to reduce pollutants, no chemical infiltration
• LED filter life indicator
• Adapts perfectly to the kitchen worktop
• BPA free materials

The slightly alkaline water produced by the personal water cooler can help balance the acidic nature of typical diet and other environmental conditions. An ionizing effect used further enhances the reduction of oxidation potential to neutralize free radicals.


The Nikken brand only sells its products through its consultants to ensure close and quality service. I’m a Nikken Consultant.





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• A regulated acid / alkaline (pH) balance is essential to stay fit, but a typical modern diet and lifestyle can lead to excessive acidity. Tap water, water from a well or a bottle is also often acidic. The PiMag Waterfall is designed to produce water with added minerals, with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5.
• Ionized water decreases the oxidation-reduction potential. A high ORP contributes to unwanted oxidative decomposition. The ionized PiMag water from the cascade can help offset the oxidizing effect of many elements in modern food and environment. It can actually help slow cell destruction.
• Bottled water is not only expensive in supermarkets, but the quality or level of contamination can also vary depending on where and when it is bottled. The PiMag waterfall offers consistent quality.
• The Nikken home drinking water fountain is respectful of the environment. By using a personal filter fountain you help reduce the consumption of water bottles that become waste in landfills and surrounding waters afterwards.
This also decreases the consumption of fossil fuels used in the manufacture of these bottles.
PiMag products are made with recyclable and biodegradable materials.


What the pack contains when you receive it :

The base, two filling tanks, a cover (with cap), tap included in a filling tank, Pimag filter, mineral stones, junction cover between the two tanks, user manual.



Use cold water only.

When you receive your Pimag Waterfall, wash the elements as well as the mineral stones.

Place the filter correctly according to the coverslip. Please feel free to watch my video above, everything is detailed.

Fill the upper tank with water. Filtered PiMag® water is collected in the lower supply tank.



Height: 42.3cm
Width: 22.5cm
Depth: 32.5cm


WEIGHT: 3 kg


CAPACITY: Fill tank: 5 liters / supply tank: 5.5 liters (with mineral stones)



Pi material, mineral stones, recyclable polymer, ring magnet (1,200 gauss).



Filter cartridge: 90 days or 900 liters, whichever comes first
Mineral stones: once per year


WARRANTY: Statutory warranty applies.


CAUTION: The contaminants or other substances reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily in your water. Use only on municipally treated water or other supply known to be microbiologically safe.

Use with cold water only. This product contains silver used to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the filter to prolong the life of the filter. Silver has a low toxicity to humans but is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic life. This product is designed to reduce objectionable tastes, odors, colors, aesthetic chlorine, chloramines, VOCs and mercury from municipally treated tap water.



The product sheet of the filtering water fountain for individuals

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The results of the filtration tests

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