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Who is Nikken ?

Nikken has been practicing wellness since 1975.
For 45 years now Nikken has helped millions of customers around the world achieve a balanced lifestyle to achieve complete well-being and a balanced lifestyle

Nikken has introduced unique technologies to the market using natural energies: magnetism, far infrared and negative ions.

How legit is Nikken ?

Nikken’s strength is the research carried out since 1975, which has enabled it to file numerous patents ensuring customers of excellent quality products.
Established for more than 40 years now, Nikken is recognized worldwide; it is a reliable company.
In addition, thanks to the network of independent consultants, Nikken is committed to providing quality service that meets customer expectations.

What is the Gentle Life site ?

Nikken consultant, this site is there to promote the Nikken brand and give customers the opportunity to have a French consultant to directly purchase products online.

What products does Nikken sell ?

  • Water filtration products
  • Magnetic products, whose built-in magnets revitalize the energy of the Earth.
  • Marine cosmetics.
  • Nutritional products.

How do you buy Nikken products ?

Nikken only sells through its Consultants to ensure close customer service.
You can purchase products from a consultant’s Nikken online store.

Sylvain of The Gentle Life being a partner, you can access his shop by the following link.


How long should I wait between ordering and delivery ?

Most orders ship within two business days of receiving payment. Orders can be delivered within 7 working days.

Does Nikken offer organic products? Made in France ?

Yes Nikken offers a whole range of organic marine cosmetics products whose seaweed comes from Brittany.

Is it possible to have a career with Nikken ?

With Nikken you have the possibility to become a Nikken consultant, and to sell the brand’s products directly. See here how to register as a Home seller.

If you want additional information I invite you to look at the links below:

Can we evolve ?

Yes you have the possibility to grow, incentive programs offer compensation in addition to the basic one provided for those who develop their network.

Here is the Q&A about Nikken, if you want to know more about the products look here on the blog page

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