benefits of seawater


benefits of seawater

Sea water has been a source of healing since ancient times. Nowadays, we can even find its benefits in marine cosmetics. In this article, discover some of the benefits of seawater and enjoy them.

Water rich in minerals and beneficial for health

Seawater is rich in salt, sodium chloride, which is extracted from it to produce table salt. It is made up of other minerals that our body needs such as magnesium, calcium, potassium. This mineral composition allows it to come close to a physiological serum. Its benefits are exploited in many cosmetics through seaweed from Brittany but also in the context of thalassotherapy or balneotherapy. In thalassotherapy and balneotherapy treatment, filtered sea water is used against acne, eczema, psoriasis, irritation and itching. It must be equivalent to offshore water, with a difference in the salinity level equivalent to 2%. In other words, the pumped water must have the same salinity on arrival, it is drawn and routed directly by pipelines to the establishment providing the care. The seawater will then be used within 48 hours, or even 24, following its capture.

The skin benefits of seawater

Indeed, there are several skin benefits of salt water. For its function, the skin needs minerals. If it is lacking, the skin can become dry and irritated. Research in 2005 showed that bathing in Dead Sea water, rich in magnesium, improves skin hydration and its barrier function helps reduce inflammation in people with skin. dried.

In addition, it prevents diseases. The elements of seawater rebalance the whole body, to which are added the mechanical effects of hydromassages. In thalassotherapy, seawater drawn from the sea is heated to 35-36 ° to relax tense muscles but also to dilate the pores and thus boost the penetration of marine active ingredients. Finally, “seawater is full of plant active ingredients that release antiviral and antibacterial substances”. What to strengthen its health capital!

Sea water allows the proper diffusion of hormones. This is thanks to the iodine it contains. This component is referred to as the “fuel” of the thyroid which secretes hormones in the body. It contributes to the good balance of the diffusion of hormones and the good distribution of energy.

Sea water is soothing, it is the most immediate benefit: it disperses tension and effectively soothes the body. One of its components, the trace elements constitutes a guaranteed anti-stress formula, and facilitates the detention of the body. It is advisable to take a sea bath after a workout, while the muscles are tense. It would also reduce stiffness the next day.

Sea water also has an exfoliating effect, once again the presence of salt in sea water removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling soft, like an exfoliating treatment at home. This effect combined with the sand and here you are with soft skin.

In general, seawater plays several roles in the functioning of the human body. Thanks to its various components, it allows our body to defend itself against certain offensive microbes that can harm our health. Sea water is very important.