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Looking for a Serious New MLM?

cosmetics mlm

There are so many Multi Level Marketing companies out there today, they often offer similar products, which is why it is a good idea to go for serious MLM companies with innovative products to stand out from the crowd.

Let me introduce you to the Nikken brand.

nikken serious mlm

Nikken is a Japanese company whose values ​​are helping people maintain healthier lives. Founded in 1975, the company is inspired by Japanese culture, and offers innovative and high-end quality products.
Recognized worldwide for the quality of the products it offers, Nikken today brings together consultants from many countries around the world. Established for over 25 years, it is a serious MLM.

A serious MLM with fundamentals based on reconnecting with nature

Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, the brand markets magnetic products, MLM marine cosmetics, nutritional products and water filtration through MLM.

Magnetic products

Having all of the magnetism in our body, we are sensitive in magnetic field. In fact, Japan has used magnets for a very long time to bring well-being to people.
However, the use of magnets is not recognized as a therapeutic solution, but offers many benefits such as the release of endorphin to reduce pain, increase blood circulation, etc. The use of magnets therefore makes people feel better in a state of well-being and appeasement.

Marine cosmetics

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In its desire to develop products valuing the know-how of many countries, Nikken has designed a range of skin care products based on seaweed. Seaweed has many properties for the skin and is completely natural ingredients. All cosmetic products in the True Elements range of the Nikken brand are organic products.
The algae come from the Iroise Sea in Brittany.

Nutritious products

Nutritional products also follow the vision of marine cosmetics, they are organic and rich in nutrients.
There is a whole range of nutritious products ranging from barley grass products, iron fixing products, multivitamins and minerals.

Water filtration

serious mlm with nikken

To overcome many harmful residues that can remain in drinking water, the Nikken brand has developed three filtration systems to support us on a daily basis.
A filtering water fountain operating by gravity and without electricity, a filter bottle and a shower system to filter the water.
These systems benefit from patented “Pi” technology. It is the result of know-how assimilating several elements ensuring filtration of harmful agents up to 90%.

The environment of consultants attached to the Nikken brand

Nikken consultants benefit from a healthy environment, enabling them to evolve and develop over the long term.
The products are of high quality and the organization and delivery system is well managed. The brand has a supply center in Germany allowing rapid delivery throughout Europe.
The salaries are attractive and the MLM system allows you to increase your income tenfold.
With an ethical approach, Nikken consultants do not receive compensation when they recruit new consultants into their MLM network. This avoids the excesses of MLM, where some companies focus only on recruiting new consultants without bringing value to people.
Nikken’s desire is of course also to expand its network, but its priority is to focus on customer needs through healthy products and to develop a human adventure by training its consultants. Training on professional aspects but also on personal aspects through online lives on personal development.
The brand has also developed 5 pillars of well-being to create a movement through all Nikken consultants around the world. That’s what Nikken is and what makes it a serious MLM.

The environment of consultants attached to the Nikken brand

  • To be sure that I am dealing with a serious MLM, I first need the products to be of very high quality (high end). The principle of MLM being the recommendation it remains an essential element.
  • Beware of MLMs based on digital only products which can be scams. MLMs on certain financial products are not serious MLMs for me.
  • Consultants should not earn commissions for registering new Consultants in their own network. This avoids systems oriented on pyramidal bases. It is normal and welcome to subsequently receive commissions on sales from people registered on their network. This is also the principle of MLM which allows you to increase your income through your own sales but also through your own network. It is an advantageous system.

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