Every day the human body keeps fighting against various internal and external attacks. What makes having constant stable health almost impossible for a normal human body. Yet everyone is trying to find a way to survive despite a frail metabolism that could lose its line of defense at any moment. However, since ancient times, various medicinal substances have been consumed in order to strengthen the body for its permanent struggle. Medicinal plants, mineral substances,… which are transformed into capsules or compressed to help the metabolism to hold. Through this article you will understand the benefits of lactoferrin.

But recently, professionals in medicinal science have discovered the existence of a new substance that can improve the conditions of the body on a daily basis. This substance is particularly known as Lactoferrin, and it has dizzying properties. In this article, you will discover the peculiarities of this lactoferrin so much in demand for its virtues.

The characteristics of Lactoferrin

The best way to start is to know a bit more about what lactoferrin really is, and where it comes from. In this case, Lactoferrin is a type of glycoprotein belonging to the transferrin family which is mainly linked to iron. Thanks to this affinity, it has very powerful biological effects. More specifically, bacteriostatic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immunomodulatory effects.

Lactoferrin was first discovered in 1960 from cow’s milk. But soon after, it was shown that breast milk has a concentration of 10 that of cow’s milk. This concentration decreases during the first time the baby is born, but it remains higher than cow’s milk.

The properties and benefits of Lactoferrin

First of all, in the benefits of lactoferrin we find an antiviral property, which means that it can directly eliminate certain viruses by connecting to viral receptors. Indeed, it indirectly inhibits viruses and increases the metabolic immune response to viral invasions. Viral loads in people with HIV, hepatitis C decrease dramatically with lactoferrin administration, but the correct dose must be measured.

Second, lactoferrin is very effective as an antioxidant, that is, it can protect immune cells against free radicals generated during an inflammatory response. This therefore means that in the case of a patient with hepatitis C, ingestion of lactoferrin could improve their hepatic oxidative status.

Third, the immunomodulatory action of lactoferrin means that it can help create an immune line of defense through specific receptors in immune cells such as: macrophages, monocytes, lymphocytes. It is also responsible for the regulation of natural cells that kill metabolism.

Lactoferrin also acts primarily in the proper functioning of the intestinal system. In other words, it greatly reduces the inflammations found in the intestinal part, inflammatory diseases. But also, in this same area, lactoferrin is involved in the balance between the different bacteria found in the intestinal system (increase in the number of good bacteria and decrease in bad bacteria).

Then, lactoferrin is also famous for its anticancer capacity. In other words, the genes for lactoferrin prevent cancer cells from growing. It thus fights against the development of metastases, and then plays the role of tumor suppressor.

And finally, as lactoferrin is closely related to iron, it helps to ensure good regulation of iron assimilation. This regulation allows the body to prevent the growth of many pathogens and tumors.

The conditions of use of Lactoferrin

Bovine lactoferrin can be consumed as a food supplement dosed in a gastro-resistant capsule. It can also be taken with medicines to restore iron balance in the body (take one or two capsules per day).

Lactoferrin should be carefully stored in a cool place and away from moisture. However, lactoferrin as a dietary supplement cannot replace a varied daily diet.

In summary, the discovery of lactoferrin is surely an important advance to help the body in its fight against various pathogens. Thanks to its various virtuous properties, lactoferrin is one of the consumables that can provide a strong immune system. It protects in particular against viruses, inflammations of all kinds, cancer cells, and provides a lot of iron minerals. Not to mention that apart from the capsule doses, lactoferrin can be consumed from bovine milk. What makes it a substance with multiple virtues with great ease of use.