business opportunities


 business opportunities

Your efforts rewarded

Nikken offers you the opportunity to gain balance in your life with our business opportunity, by showcasing, selling and recommending Nikken products to others! Nikken Consultant, you work the number of hours you want, on a part-time or full-time basis for example, to earn extra income. Whichever you choose, you will be your own boss.

Nikken has been practicing wellness since 1975.

For 45 years now, Nikken has helped millions of customers around the world achieve a balanced lifestyle to achieve complete well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

Nikken has introduced unique technologies to the market using natural energies: magnetism, far infrared and negative ions.

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Nikken, its history, its philosophy

Nikken’s vision for well-being

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is the way a company organizes its Independent Consultants who present the company and its products to others. This offers financial independence and the possibility of combining work at home with family commitments.

Why is Network Marketing so attractive?

Well, it’s very simple, because anyone can get started, regardless of their background or background. It doesn’t take a big investment, or a degree – just the urge, enthusiasm, and willingness to make things happen. Network Marketing is also often referred to as Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Selling.

The direct contact path between the Consultant and the Client is different from that of the traditional point of sale, and is an ideal way to start your own business.

• Start inexpensively and with great flexibility
• Reconcile professional and personal life
• Get financial freedom
• Live on your terms
• Build relationships and make lifelong friends
• Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts

Ways to make money with Nikken

There are many ways to make a living with your Nikken business, including the following:

• Retail commissions
• Personal Committees
• Commissions on the Staff Group
• Leadership Bonus
• Incentive Programs and Travel

The Starter Kit

Details on how to access MyNikken, a website specially dedicated to Nikken Consultants which contains important information and even more tools!

Reward your efforts

With Nikken, your efforts will not go unnoticed. We will offer you the opportunity to participate in inspirational events, trainings and incentive trips around the world, as a reward for your efforts and performance; and to inspire others too!

Visit our blog for more information on our events, awards and recognitions.

How do I register as a consultant for Nikken?

The Gentle Life’s commitments


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