After having done your usual 30 minutes of running or after lifting your casings, do you feel tired? Are you terribly short of energy and not having the results you expect? Whether you are a great athlete or just play sports for fun, your body needs to recuperate after your daily workout. Yes, intense physical exertion pushes our body to its limits and pumps all our energy. In this article, we explain why it is essential to have a good recovery after physical exertion.

Why you absolutely must recover after a sports session?

During your sports training or weight training, your muscles tear from all the physical exertion. Indeed, your muscle fibers undergo trauma and micro-tears. This is the reason for the sudden fatigue after sports!
So the nutrients you eat get redirected to the muscle cells to repair those traumas. This leads to the rebuilding of muscles therefore a better shape for the body. But, to allow this reconstitution, it is essential to practice a good recovery after your physical activity.
So, during this phase, the muscle fibers can absorb a lot more water and nutrients so hello big biceps! Muscles are rebuilt: they become more resistant and bulkier. In addition, all toxins and bad fats are easily flushed out of the body.

What if you perform poor sports recovery?

If you underestimate this recovery phase, it will be difficult for the affected muscles to regenerate normally. So your training won’t really help much as the muscle fibers will be damaged. It will be impossible for them to heal properly and become more voluminous.

This lack of reconstitution and recovery is however harmful for the body:
• The muscles will still be sore. They will then be unable to regenerate or gain in volume. It is even possible that muscle mass is drastically decreasing.
• The risk of injury and inflammation also increases. Thus, the workout becomes more dangerous than invigorating.
• Insomnia, aches and fatigue will persist for the rest of the day. It is then possible for you to lose all your motivation and your good resolutions.

For all these reasons, if we do not practice effective sports recovery, the immune system will be strongly affected.

How to recover quickly after physical exertion?

To recover effectively, rest is essential. Indeed, we must allow time for the muscles to heal properly. But in addition, proper rehydration helps the body to optimize the workout performed earlier. Let’s not forget the stretching, either!
Also, using magnetic products is a great way to optimize physical recovery. Their benefits are numerous and recognized by all. Indeed, many famous athletes have already adopted them in their sports routine.

Magnetic products based on Neodymium magnets act on the mind as well as on the body. They help reduce tension and stress. In addition, the magnets have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Very useful for recovery after physical exertion.

So, to be successful in your sports sessions, you should always try to adopt an effective physical recovery. Fortunately, there is no shortage of choices: rest, hydration, stretching and therapeutic magnets all help improve your performance. But, magnetic products are above all very effective in perfecting this phase given their draining and anti-inflammatory effects.