The notion of discovery fields that marked the beginning of modern physics is the notion of magnetic field.
Elementary forces, derived from all interactions in matter exist in nature. The best known force is the gravitational force. It attracts all bodies that have mass. It is gravity that keeps us on the surface of the earth. It is gravity that turns the planets around the sun. It is also gravity that allows the cohesion of stars, such as planets, stars, star groups, galaxies, etc.

The other known elemental force is the electromagnetic force. This force has two facets. One of these aspects is electrical force, the other is magnetic force. They are inseparable from each other, although it looks quite different. Electromagnetic forces are responsible for most of the phenomena of our daily life, apart from that which is related to the attraction of the earth. These are the electromagnetic forces responsible for the cohesion between the nucleus of an atom and its procession of electrons. Electromagnetic forces are also the source of light, radio waves, etc. These forces govern the behavior of all electrical devices and even have an influence on our body.

The state of the earth’s magnetic field

In the early days of physics, it was believed that the properties of materials were associated with objects. Among the many conjectures made in attempting to explain the movement of the planets, for example, it has been assumed that they are fixed in the invisible sphere, and that the movement of these spheres leads to that of the planets joining them. This type of mechanism became more and more complex as new information about the planets and their movement accumulated, to the point of becoming inextricable.

In all space, inside the earth, there is a magnetic field. Different natural or man-made phenomena are summarized and form the whole magnetic field, which constantly changes according to variations in the sources they generate. The magnetic field is a protective shield against high energy particles in the cosmos and is strongly influenced by space weather events which can interfere with all technological systems on Earth. Its study provides an understanding of the internal structure and dynamics of the Earth, as well as the phenomena that occur in the upper atmosphere and in space.

The effects of the magnetic field

The human species is under the influence of a series of magnetic phenomena and, more directly, that of the Earth’s magnetic field.

The magnetic field acts as a protective shield against solar winds, which are a real danger to life on Earth. Solar winds are indeed very damaging and can cause the death or mutation of living cells.

The magnetic field is more than just a necessary element for life. Humans are also more or less adapted to the earth’s magnetic field, which makes it possible to use advanced technologies thanks to protection against solar winds, which are very sensitive to them.

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