silica sand


silica sand

Having a filtering water fountain is a real plus when you want to obtain purer water. Care should be taken to filter the water through a dispenser when needed and luckily there are several filtration systems you can use. Silica sand is one of them. Indeed, this is a simple and effective way to clean the water.

Silica sand, kesako?

In short, silica sand, its chemical name silicon dioxide, is a collection of minerals in crystalline form. As an example, quartz or tripoli is one of them. To put it simply, this is the sand you find at the beach.

This sand has physicochemical properties which are essential in the filtration of the liquid. But not only ! It is also highly sought after in industry, foundry and even in metallurgy.

For further filtration of the Pimag Waterfall personal filter fountain, silica sand is integrated into the filter.

silica sand filter
The silica sand is found in the lower part of the filter of the filter fountain for individuals.

How does the sand filter work ?

Even though there are several systems to use, the sand filter is still a first choice. Indeed, this mineral is used to capture particles in water.

As for its operation, it is very simple. The water is pumped to pass it through different layers of minerals. The silica sand then filters out different particle sizes. These particles remain in the layers depending on their size and graininess. Results ? The water will be clean and free of any dirt.

What is the advantage of using silica sand in the water filter ?

The more efficient the filtration of your water cooler, the less you will ingest harmful elements in the water. Silica sand is therefore useful here in the filtration of drinking water when it is associated with mineral stones and especially activated carbon. The water then passes through several stages comprising different elements which allows an increased performance in the filtration of the water.

The sand captures the smallest particles.

Made up of tiny grains with sharp edges, silicon dioxide easily captures unwanted elements in water. And in addition, its micro size of 25 to 50 microns prevents the finest waste from passing. This filtration capacity can even reach 15 microns.

Thus, it is advisable to filter the water from your fountain with a silica sand filter, combining it with activated carbon and mineral stones. These combinations of elements will provide the ability to capture the various particles residing in the water and filter the water optimally.

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