By becoming a Nikken consultant you gain access to many common training and events to provide advice and support to improve your qualities and skills, understand your values ​​and develop your potential. This contributes to the development of your business opportunities at Nikken

In today’s hectic world, it is increasingly difficult for people to find the time to enjoy life and the things they love. Most of us are overloaded with information and we face an increasing number of challenges at work and at home.

We need to find a way to recharge our batteries, relax and focus on what is important in life; find a balance.

Nikken’s unique approach to Total Wellbeing through the Five Pillars of Wellbeing includes an element of personal development which can be summed up in our vision

• Discover your intimate values ​​and achieve the perfect balance in your life
• Put in place strategies to set your goals and plan for your future
• Eliminate your doubts and exploit your full potential
• Learn to communicate more effectively

We create and deliver events for Consultants that inspire and motivate. These include conventions, product launches and workshops led by Consultants to help and support you in growing your business. Events provide expert product information and advice from experienced Consultants, as well as great speakers to inspire and motivate you. It’s part of the Nikken philosophy

Events and COVID 19
Following the COVID events for the moment are being carried out online. When you are a Nikken consultant, you can access your consultant platform on the site and see all the events that are planned as well as the incentive programs.
Often done by Zoom, you are given a link and password to access the video conference. It’s really very simple.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact The Gentle Life

If you would like to register as a Nikken consultant click on the following link: here

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