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The Gentle Life website – is a partner of the Nikken brand.
Consultant for Nikken, through my partnership you have the opportunity to purchase all of the brand’s wellness products.
Nikken only sells its products through its consultants.
Nikken products are inspired by nature and are designed to bring you balance and total well-being.

Do you know the Nikken brand?

Nikken has been a leader in the Wellness industry since 1975.
For 45 years now Nikken has helped millions of customers around the world achieve a balanced lifestyle to achieve complete well-being and a balanced lifestyle, based on the Five Pillars of Well-being:

A healthy mind,
a healthy body,
a healthy family,
a healthy society
and healthy finances.

It is Nikken’s vision of well-being, we believe that a balanced lifestyle can be achieved by applying these Five Pillars of Well-being. Nikken is built on a philosophy of improving the quality of our lives, which is reflected in everything we do.

Take inspiration from nature and provide healthy products for our bodies.

With a philosophy inspired by nature, Nikken has brought to the market unique technologies using natural energies: magnetism, far infrared and negative ions. The creation and development of a range of products that excite us because they have been designed to put natural elements back into your life, for a complete well-being solution: better air, purer water, and good night’s sleep.

Our products benefit from unique and advanced magnetic technologies. We believe in natural well-being, brought about by technologies that use the natural energy of the Earth and our bodies. Our products are designed to improve the balance and quality of our lives.

Discover Nikken products

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Discover Nikken products, marine cosmetics,

Nikken products incorporate innovations that set them apart from any other product on the market. They combine traditional knowledge, modern technology and advanced engineering. The result is a range of products that represent practical solutions to face life’s daily challenges.

The products are distinguished in 4 categories

  • Water filtration products such as a personal filter fountain, filter bottles or adaptable filters for the shower. Our body is 80% water, so we naturally consume it throughout the day. These products filter the water, helping to remove any residue that can be harmful to our health. Like Chlorine, Arsenic, Chromium, Mercury etc.
  • Magnetic products, whose built-in magnets revitalize the energy of the Earth. This energy allows us to refocus, promote blood circulation and reduce various ailments.
    In this category we find products for sleep such as magnetic mattress toppers, pillows. Daily products such as magnetic bracelets, sports products, products for comfort (magnetic soles, back belt) etc.
  • Marine cosmetics. Nikken’s vision has been to create Ecocert certified organic natural cosmetics made in the Iroise Sea in Brittany. These cosmetics are made from seaweed, algae have many beneficial properties for our skin.
  • Nutritional products. To consolidate our nutritional intake and provide us with all the nutrients we need to enjoy energy throughout our day. Innovative in its choice of nutrients, Nikken offers products based on barley grass, various vegetable complexes, products providing iron, etc.


With Nikken there are business opportunities, you have the opportunity to become a consultant and directly sell the brand’s products.
Nikken is developing an entire online training environment to promote the success of its consultants

Nikken’s vision is to improve the lives of individuals and inspire them to experience a whole new way of life through unique in-house personal development trainings. They are specially designed to help you communicate better, better understand your values ​​and develop your inherent potential by using our wellness products, industry leaders, and by sharing the business opportunity. Depending on your results, you can also benefit from an incentive program with many advantages such as bonuses, trips etc.

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