Water plays a role in cell regeneration because cells are made up of water and an oxygen molecule. As the body grows, a real chemistry occurs that converts oxygen into energy that supports the metabolism.

As cells begin to age, there is a decrease in the intensity of these reactions. Water comes to the rescue and stimulates cell regeneration.

Thus, each level of the body lives within a process where water plays a fundamental role.

Energy and water

Energy flows through the body in the form of waves.
DNA is an energy receptor and is responsible for the general balance of the body. Water is a conductor of energy and is responsible for the general balance of the body. Water is the support of organic life, it is the matrix of life. The waves of water are the waves of life.

When you want to bring about change, you have to change the energy field. We need to modify what we call Schumann waves. These are the waves of life. We can change the energy field by consuming minerals, which are natural foods that are healthy for our body.

How dna works

DNA molecules play a central role in the functioning of our bodies and all plants. DNA is the carrier of all information in our body. DNA is made up of two strands that are connected to each other by phosphate bridges. When you insert a pin into a sheet of paper, that sheet can no longer unfold. When you push a pin into a DNA molecule, the DNA is destroyed. DNA is a molecule that, when unfolded, can unfold in eight billion different ways.

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